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May 4, 2009
So as some of you know I just took my first tumbling/trampoline class and I decided I liked it and I'm gonna go for it. I have a strange problem/question though. Last week I wore a long sleeve leotard and I was miserable, but I am unsure if I should wear a sleevless one because I have tattoos and I used to self injure and have obvious self injury scars. There are a lot of children in this class. And children ask questions, without thinking. Do you think I should just bare arms like I would like to or should I keep it hidden forever or should I keep it hidden until I get to know the people better, or should I talk to the coach or owner about it? Please help!

Hi Aerialriver,

I think ultimately it is up to you.
If you feel comfortable showing your arms, then I don't see why you shouldn't. You could consult your coach to see if there are any club rules regarding tatoos but I wouldn't have thought that would be a problem.
As for the scars, I have a friend who used to self harm and it took her a very long time to be able to show her arms. When people asked her what the scars were she used to tell them she had a naughty pet rabbit who attacked her every time she tried to feed or pet it. It's surprising how many young people believed her!
I don't know whether you could come up with a similar story, just for something to say if any of the children did ask!?
If you aren't comfortable showing your arms, perhaps there is a sports top out there with long sleeves that is cooler than a leotard... I don't know of any myself. but there might be!

Like I said at the beginning though, I think it is ultimately up to you!
Good Luck with the class!!
It's your call; it all depends on what you're comfortable explaining (or evading).

Just so you know, though: labelling a thread "adults only" pretty much guarantees that every kid on these boards will likely read it.
I would wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. It's generally not a problem to show tattoos and scars, so you have to decide how self-conscious you'll feel about it. You could try wearing a long sleeve T-shirt or even a short sleeve T-shirt instead. That might be more comfortable but still cover you up.

KBT, I am just curious as a judge have you ever seen someone with a tattoo at competition? Are they marked down for it? You probably haven't as 99.9% of people who compete in this sport are under 18 but I am just curious...
i had a friend who was in her 20s competing with me in prep op, and she had to cover up her tattoo with flesh colored tape. i'm pretty sure you have to cover them up or you'll get points off, but i'm not a judge, so i don't know the specific rule.
The weather is going to play a mojor role. Is it even going to be practical to wear long sleeves all the time. If its not then this is an issue that you are going to have to face.

I would speak to the owner and see how they feel. They may not be comfortable for you to show these things as the kids in the gym are going to look up to you as a role model being an older person in their class. A lot of the time an adult training with kids ends up taking on a role like the big sister or friendly aunt who giudes them through various issue's.
Yeah the weather is not really going to go along with the long sleeves. I live in florida :( I will talk with the owner and see what she thinks.
Yeah the tape thing wouldn't work as the tats are from my wrist to my shoulder. And the scars are from my wrist to my elbow on both arms. I think I will just wear the long sleeves or actually someone suggested cutting the crotch out of lightweight tights and wearing that with a sleeveless leo, which I might do and then when the coach starts asking why I am always wearing sleeves (if they notice) I will explain and see what they have to say about it. Thanks for all of your help!

What did you end up deciding to do?

I wouldn't worry about the kids seeing the scars, most of them would never assume the truth, and most kids in a gym aren't going to go ask a random adult something like that. The other people in your class might ask though.
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