weird qwestion ?

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Does anyone els have to follow or chooese to follow a strict diet ?like calorie limit or something ?

I was just wondering cus some pepole like my gym likes you to eat super heALTHY you know ? :) so what do you an your gym do ?
ours do the talk told this one littlegirl if she ate this little junk food thing she had shed get fat egs she was like sorry an put it down :| nk
haha their russian i guess thats is how thier taut :} so thats how there teaching us idk but she did not cry she was unhappy but most of the girls are on diets al the time their .
no specific diet but they do have in the hand book that eating healthy is prefered and they give example menus. The gym also has given a web site for eating healthy for athletes (forget what it is now) but no one checks up to see. If they see alot of twinkies or junk food coming in for snack etc they will send an e-mail to remind us what a healthy snack should be.
You guys are athletes who work hard so IMHO as long as you eat everything in moderation you should be fine.

Nowadays, our coaches do not mandate the gymnasts' diet but they do make sure that everyone eats their normal meals first before the junk food snacks.

Funny that until a couple of years ago, all we served at the concession stand was nothing but junk. Ironically, we did some press coverage about the good diets of gymnasts. LOL
It's different in college. The gymnasts we are talking about are all adults and many of them are actually being paid to do the job of gymnastics and do it well. Is diet particularly important as a college athlete? Yes. Is it something that is continually discussed and focused on? At my school, no. However, I choose to eat extremely healthily. It's my choice and I like how it makes my body feel. I like that I am entirely accountable for what I put in my mouth and I'm not ashamed (usually). And let's face it, in college, we are in the media. We have our pictures in the paper, online, etc. We are on T.V. I want to look good, and many of my teammates feel the same way. So part of it is health and part of it is aesthetic. None of my teammates deal with eating disorders, and I think it is handled well. When girls get talked to about weight, healthy options are presented or extra cardio conditioning is handed out. It isn't a big deal and I hope it remains that way. So it matters, but it's a personal decision that has personal implications.
If a coach ever told me that eating junk food would make me fat, I'd tell my HCs that and wouldn't work with that coach until the situation was addressed. And I just wouldn't stay at a gym that focuses on weight. Period. Gymnasts are in a higher-risk category for eating disorders as it is, and I don't need any pressure on top of that.

But, of course, I also reject the idea that coaches should strictly control gymnasts' diets. There is a huge difference between encouraging healthy and balanced meals, good snacks for practice, etc., and giving out calorie limits and telling kids that they're going to get fat. The latter is completely unacceptable to me.

Oh, also, I should add that diets are important... healthy, balanced, nutritional diets. Weight-loss diets or diets that strictly forbid foods... unnecessary.
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that IS our hc lolzzz ......And the little girl just slowly put it back an slowly wlked to the floor and begane some conditioning :p soshes ok
that IS our hc lolzzz ......And the little girl just slowly put it back an slowly wlked to the floor and begane some conditioning :p soshes ok
Alright, gymgirly1...

I responded to your original post because I understood what you wrote. But, what the heck?! No one is looking for perfect English here but what did you just write? :confused: I don't mean to be critical here but I wonder how you normal writing and spelling are like -- with your IM lingo "cuteness" aside.
Gymgirly please be careful of what you write. I know the situation very well. This gym didn't want her to eat food right before her work out. When you are on team at this gym you are told to have 1 hr after your last meal before work out. You dont want a full stomach upside down. The girls get plenty of treats after work out.
My coaches never say anything. In fact at my old gym, my coach would take us out for pizza and ice cream if we were having a good night and working hard.
Our gym doesn't say much, but does remind them to eat healthy and bring healthy snacks to the gym. I know that there are other kids on team who have to really watch what they eat in an effort not to gain weight (I've heard parents talking about it, the coaches are never involved in those conversations). Flipper is on a see-food diet. She eats everything she sees that doesn't eat her first. The child eats constantly and in large quantities just to maintain her tiny body. It is a joke around our house - she eats as much as the rest of the family combined at some meals - and it apparently evaporates (my food goes directly to my hips without stopping on the way!). Flipper has discovered that she FEELS better when she eats a healthy diet. She doesn't avoid anything, but really pushes protein, fruit, veggies and nuts. She ate some puffed cheese snacks the other day. A bit later, she announced that her body didn't think that was really food and she needed some real food.
Only one of our coaches talks about food at all, and she reminds us that we have to eat healthy food to power us through our long workouts. Like bananas. This was a very important discussion topic once on beam. Bananas.
She also tries to get the younger girls to stop eating full meals at break time - our practices run right through dinner 2x a week and lunch once a week - because it is not good to flip on a full stomach.

There's nothing about skinny vs. not skinny or anything body-imagey. My coaches know that as long as you work hard in practice and conditioning, and eat to power your body healthily, you're fine.
Sometimes the coaches will joke around ("You eat any more of those and you'll turn into one") but the ongoing assumption is if you eat too much junk and gain weight it's your own fault and we didn't have anything to do with it :p
There's not a big emphasis on weight and nobody really talks about it.

Personally I try to eat 1500 calories a day but... Ya know... What's a cheeto here and there? Lol
I am sorry :( .I did not mean to confuse you !I was just saying that the girl was fine :| .But i really disagree with your I WONDER WHAT YOUR REAL SPELLING IS LIKE ARE YOU SEREOUSE!I may not be the best speller but you dont have to critisize so much !Gosh you sound very mean over the internet how ARE YOU IN reall life !cuteness aside !
Gosh you sound very mean over the internet how ARE YOU IN reall life !cuteness aside !
Yeah, I admit I was a bit blunt there and I shouldn't have attacked you.

With that said, let's look at it this way. In this thread, I was mean to one but the way you wrote was rude and disrespectful to many (even though that wasn't your intention). The way you write to the whole world (literally) to see is a reflection of who you are and your attitude towards what's beyond you. It's far different than how a few kids in your age group think of you. Even though none of us on CB knows who you are and we really don't care, but you should, especially when you know you can do better.
ok your very very write i am sorry i think we were bothe wrong can we not fight thou its a wast of time and energy .I was trying to tell show you how you came accross but I DID NOT REALLY intend to start a fight i will work on my spelling i have a spelling problem but its getting better .So I WILL say sorry if you stop critasizing my spelling :( so i guess

sorry .
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