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Feb 8, 2008
I was at working my usual sunday morning shift at Old Country Buffet last week when I had a random table ask me if I did gymnastics at the Y. I said that I did and the mom said to the dad "I told you it was her." They had a couple kids, one boy in preschool and a girl in rollers, our beginning level.

It was so weird because while I had noticed the younger program kids watching me at practice I didn't realize that the parents watch that closely too. I'm the only level 7 in my gym right now and I don't always work out with the rest of the team so I guess I stick out more than the 6's but it makes me feel like a real role model!
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
aww that's so cute..I love the little kiddies they're so adorable!
it feels so good when you know they look up to you. :)

and i can assure you (at least at my gym) the parents of the little ones tend to watch you. They especially watch my teammates and me when we are tumbling.

cute story :)


Wow that is kind of weird but its good that the parents are actually taking an interest and paying attention to their kids interests.
Oct 5, 2008
thats really cool :)

the parents always watch the older ones in our gym... the other day we were on the track doing roundoff flick tuckbacks and the parents were literally going 'oh my god! did you see that!! how amazing!' etc. i was like aw :D i guess they wanna know what stuff their kids will be doing when they're older and stuff =]
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