For Parents Well Emily got her first pair of Dowel grips yesterday.

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
She did her kip right away too so that is a good sign:) Emily has been doing awesome at this new gym. She can do front handspring fronts now on the tumble track, her cartwheel on beam is looking really good and just her form in general on all apparatuses has really cleaned up. They are total sticklers for form so I love it. Emily will have no more bent knees or bent arms on bars on front hip circles... They have to finish their kips at the top of their thighs ready to be ready to cast to handstand. They train up 2 levels all the time.
They have been focusing a ton on tap swings and wow... hers have improved by a ton. I think this level 5 team is going to be great next year.
Not open for further replies.