Went to gym yesterday!! Lotsa questions though...

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Oct 19, 2008
New York
I went to gymnastics yesterday!!! It was soo much fun !!!:D
Couple questions thought
- I can go into a good backbend, but it hurts ...is that normal?
- When should I get get grips, and what kind should I get?
- I psych myself out...like with front tucks on the tramp freak me out...i no its easy, and i can do it from the tumble trak to the pit, and to the foam mat thing, but i cant bring myself to flip on the tramp...its frustrating...help!?!:(
- Do you think that I can get side splits by december/january? Im pretty far from the ground, not very flexible at all, but i really want to get them =P
- Why do cartwheels hurt my hamstrings??:eek: Even after Ive warmed up and stretched. So does going into a handstand. Am i just really inflexible? What can I do?:confused:

Uh...thats it...i think...for now
Thanks in advance!
Aug 26, 2008
Ok here's some answers.

1. (this will also answer 5) You're body is probably inflexible and not use to doing these kind-of stretches. Since you're saying you are feeling pain, I would recommend not continuing to do those things. You don't want to end up injured! My suggestion is to practice back bends on a yoga ball. You'll have support and cushion. For handstands and cartwheels I suggest to constantly stretch your quads.

2. You probably won't need grips for a while, but you should talk to your coach just in case.

3. Stay confident. Tell yourself you can do it! If you feel more secure with a coach around, than just ask someone if they can spot you.

4. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and stretch some more! Constantly do the spilts, when you're watching TV, talking with family, hanging out with friends. That is the only way you'll be able to get the splits by then.

Glad you had a good time. I hope this helps!
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Jan 4, 2008
Yea, it is perfectly normal for backbends to hurt at first, it is a strech so your flexibility is getting better everytime you do it, and it will hurt less and less.

It will vary from gym to gym when you get your first grips. But most gyms would prefer you dont get them until level 5 or level 6. It is good to learn how to grip the bar properly and strongly with your hands first and then use grips. You should not get them until you are able to do good kips.

Don't worry about freaking out, this is normal. Your coaches will do lots of drills and preperations to help yoou get more comfortable with the skill. Make sure if you do freak out you tell your coach so they can think of ways to help you. Many girls just keep it to themsleves which means thery will progress slower.

If you are a long way off the side splits then no you probably wont get them by then, but if you are dedicated and work hard you should be able to get them by sometime next year but it will mean stretching at home a few days every week.

Your pain in your legs is probably also inflexibility. Work ahrd and do stretches at home every second day and it will improve.
Oct 19, 2008
New York
Thanks so much guys!
Im gonna keep working on my flexibility...every day =D
Im not gonna get grips yet
I'll try to stay confident, and build up to what i want to do...
Im SO happy that i can keep doing backbends =D

thanks again guys!
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