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I thought I would check in, because I haven't posted here in a while! My dd ended up with mono. It is suspected that she has had it for a couple months, but didn't get sick enough to see the doctor until about two weeks ago. She had to miss a big meet last Saturday:(. She also had her 10th birthday (at home sick on the couch). I felt so bad for her, she is normally so full of personality and smiles, and she was just quiet and expressionless.

Things are looking up, though - - - She is doing much better now, back at practice again (making everyone laugh as always:)!). She has sectionals coming up on the 15th, and if she stays healthy she can go. She is also having a belated birthday party with her gym friends this Saturday.

Didn't want you to think I left:D!!


Oh, I'm so sorry to hear your dd has been so sick! The poor thing! But it sounds as if she is on the upswing. I am glad to hear that! I wish her all the best, and I hope she sees continued improvement of her health :)!
Feb 26, 2007
Oh my goodness that is a nasty little virus. I really feel for her. Great that she is feeling a bit better now. Good luck for the meet on the 15th.

I can still remember having that in my early teens, it was horrible. I was so tired I literally couldn't get out of bed or eat for weeks.
Jan 17, 2008
It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life! I hope your dd feels better before the big meet, sounds like she is well on her way!

The birthday party is important too. My dd2 (not a gymmie) is 11 today...


My dd had mono a few years ago - definitely not fun. We found out 2 days after her level 5 state meet - which explained why she looked like she just wanted to go to sleep through the whole thing, lol. I'm glad to hear your dd is feeling better. Good luck to her at sectionals and I hope she has fun at her belated bday party :)


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
YIKES! Glad to hear she is doing better now. That mono can just sneek up on you though. My DD's cousin was sick off and on in Jan right before States. She would miss a week here and there and would get a little better, go back to practice/school and then get sick again. After about 3 times she got really sick and finally was tested and came up positive for Mono. She was out of gym for about 2 month total and it took forever to feel 100% again. Make sure your DD takes it s-l-o-w getting back into the gym. Sorry about her Birthday, but glad she's able to have a "belated" celebration. Good luck at sectionals too!


Aw! Happy 10th b-day to her! I remember I spent my.. thirteenth(?) at a funeral. Glad things are doing better and she at the gym putting smiles on her friends faces.:D I'm sending you the get well fairy for her!!


Thank you everyone for all of your well (and birthday) wishes!! I am trying so hard to not let her get too active too soon. She is such a busy body that it is hard to keep her down:)!

Blackie6 - My dd's course with mono kind of went the same way as your dd's cousin. She was sick at least twice a month for over two months. Very frustrating when you don't know what's going on!

Kristilyn73 - Happy Birthday to DD2:D!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Glad she is on the mend. Mono is no fun. I hope she gets back into the swing of things at gym quickly and has fun at sectionals. Tell her Happy Belated Birthday.
Jul 12, 2007
Oh wow.. hope she is feeling back to 100% very soon. Best wishes that she will get to compete in her sectionals :D & a happy belated #10 to her!
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