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May 21, 2008
Hey guys... noone will be straight with me down here so maybe you guys will.

Basically as a child i reached level 3 and quit - after breaking 3 of my toes from a beam falling on me, I was off for a while and somehow lost my passion for a while.

Anyway... I came back as an adult (not realising I could have come back when I wanted to which was a few years ago)

So im 19 now (I was about 13-14 when I quit)...and I have NO strength...not much flex...my mind is holding me back... and I have this weird thing where I have alot of energy...then its like im being drained or leaking energy, which holds me back from training because I literally say...have no energy to hold onto the bar etc.

I am trying to hard to reach level 6 stuff, but im having so much trouble. Im starting to think my dream is slipping away from me.

Is there anything I can do to help with my lack of energy and strength? I do strength exercises but its like my body ignores it...or wont absorb it.

I have recently started my diet to try and lose weight also, hoping that will help.

If anyone has any ideas they are greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

- Tak
I applaud you for still continuing gymnastics as an adult--that's awesome!! If you are saying that you are lacking in strength and energy I would suggest joining a gym (like YMCA or Bally's or Curves...) just so that you can start weight training and get your body overall well-conditioned. It is going to take some time, so don't get discouraged. Maybe join an aerobics or spin cycling class to get your endurance up as well. Gymnastics is an exhausting sport and it does take a lot of strength.

I hope this helps!! Good luck!
Stay postive and believe in yourself are key! Kudos to you for trying again, I'm sure you will succed! But I agree with what MDGymMom1 said. Have fun!
Thank you for your responses, unfortunately being an adult and working full time, I dont actually have alot of time to go to a gym... much less the funds to do so even if I had the time.

I do appreciate your feedback, and im hoping if i try and tough it out, ill see results in the long run.
Hi there

Strength does take a long time to build up. I was just a little worried about your starting a diet comment.

It is important to have enough fuel for your body to work properly and definitely enough protein to build muscles. Make sure that you are eating enough of all food groups at each meal eg breakfast could be an egg on toast (protein and carb) followed by fruit. Check what you eat on training days too - a banana and an oat bar is great before a training session - the oats has slow release carbs and the banana faster so that you are covered for a 4 hour session. Also make sure that you eat properly after training too.

If you dont eat enough, you will feel tired and lack strength.

Good luck with gymnastics!
Make sure you are staying healthy- get a full nights rest every night if possible but especially nights when you have gymn the next day. Even though you are dieting to lose weight, make sure you are eating enough and get in something that will give you energy through your workouts about an hour before hand- something with lean meat would be good with some veggies or brown rice. Depending on how long your workout is, bring a piece of fruit for a snack part way through. You really need to eat right to get the most out of your workouts, the key to losing the weight *and* having the energy to work out is to choose the right foods for what your body is doing that day.
I find that if I don't have the time for a full meal before gymnastics if I have a Luna bar it does a good job of keeping me able to work out, it's low glycemic so it can feel your cells over a longer time period than something like a candy bar or fruit. The fruit is good during the workout because it gives you the energy quickly, when you need that boost mid workout.
Also make sure you're getting your vitamins, either from food or supplements. Vitamin C I find can really help me keep my energy levels up!

Thank you so much GymMum and Kgym, that information is very helpful. I try to sleep as much as possible, and I really am trying to eat better.

Ill do my best to eat the right foods, and hopefully Ill see an improvement!

Thank you again!!!!

- Tak
Hi there,

Getting enough rest and eating well are great pieces of advice!

I do feel the need to be honest w/ you, however (since you asked.) I think the sky is the limit for your potential as long as you are working hard! I do think quitting 5 or 6 years ago as a level 3 and then coming back and expecting to be/ compete as a level 6 is completely unrealistic. I'm sure you can eventally reach Level 6, but it is going to take TIME and work!

Be more patient w/ yourself! What about level 4 and 5? Do you have the oppotunity to participate in alternative competitive programs like prep opt or USAIGC?

Level 6 is a brutal level- the littlest whippersnappers who train 15-20 hrs a week struggle at the beginning- and they have done L4 and 5, plus they dont have to worry about a job!

Be patient with yourself and your gymnastics. Just because the top athletes make it look effertless, doesnt make it so! Even the most talented athletes have to put in the time and work through skills sequentally!

Hope it helps!
Hey Tak! MdGymMom's advice is really good. If you can't join a gym then do conditioning (strength/flexibility) exercises on ur own at home. You don't need anything except a floor to do pushups and crunches :D!
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