What are pike-ups?

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Sometimes they are called V-ups. Lie on yoour back, and bring your legs up and your upper body up to make a V-shape with your body. Then go back down. Now do 100 more. j/k, haha.
What are V-Up? (pike ups)
Probably one of the best CORE exersizes you can do.

No, they aren't easy. Yea they hurt. That's why they work!
Developing the Hanging Leg Lift: A Bodyweight Strength Training article from Dragon Door Publications

Hint: if using stall bars, Start slow. 3 sets of 3 is plenty. Then work to 3 sets of 5, 4 set of 5, 5 set of 5, etc etc.

Disclaimer: I'm NOT a trainer, NOR a coach. Just a humble dad that knows a bit about conditioning. You'll want to consult with your coach.
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Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
omg pike ups are my fave!!

what they said is a good explanation ^^

lay flat on your back, arms over your head, lift up your upper body and legs (so you are pivoting on your butt:p), and reach for your toes, then lower back down and repeat.
Oct 5, 2008
we call them v-sits
in our conditioning, we do conditioning to music and have 1 song for arm conditioning, another for stomachs, backs, arms, and flexibility! and so we have to do like 3 minutes of v-sits, dish-hold, slow v-sits, tucked v-sits, switch leg v-sits, etc. without stopping :|

oh and if we mess around/don't work hard... 100 v-sits! (and im not kidding :p)


Jul 5, 2007
Weird. I've never heard anyone call a V-up anything else. I haven't heard the term pike up commonly used to mean one thing.

I would call leg lifts from an L-hang...leg lifts from L-hang.
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