Parents What are the level 4 skills for each

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Feb 10, 2007
my 2 girls were the only ones not to move up to level 4 (the one thing I keep reminding them was they joined the preteam later then the rest of them, the others started at teh beg of the summer mine didnt start till Dec 1)

but they want to make sure they move up anyhow they keep makingme look up the skills needed

so what are the diff skills needed for level 4? on each event
I cant find it but so I will have to list them

Bars-glide, pullover, cast, front hip circle, shoot thru ,stride circle, cut back, backhip circle

vault- front handspring to stacked mat

Floor- roundoff,back handspring, handstand -forward roll, handstand- to bridge kickover , splits,back extention,half-turn,straight jump-split jump, split leap (90 degrees)

Beam- v-sit mount, snap turn, half turn, straight jump-tuck jump, split leap, handstand, scale, arabesque, handstand -dismount

Yikes!! :eek:can you tell my dd did 3 yrs as a level 4??:p :lol:
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thanks that is exactly what I was looking for! I did search after search and could not find anything!!!

There was a thread about the level 4 skills and the USAG site used to have a sheet that had level 1-6 skill requirements. I found it and the link doesnt work anymore:( I should have copied it when I had the chance:banghead:
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