What are the requirements for level 5?

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Jul 23, 2009
Hi, I'm new to gymnastics. I've been doing it for a month and my coach wants me to join team and be a level 5.
What skills should I be practicing? Particularly for floor and beam because those I can do at home :]
Aug 9, 2009
level 5

I'm in level 5 too! On floor the big skills are round off two backhandsprings, back extension roll, back walkover, front handspring and dive rolls. On beam theres the 3/4 turn 2 second hold dismount, cartwheel and full handstand. Hope that helps and good luck!:)


Cartwheel on a line, handstands and handstand hops, dance pirouettes, split jumps.

Oh yeah and conditioning for bars and vault such as leg strength and the ability to hold an L and V and leglifts on bars besides pullups and dips.


go to google and type in gymnastics or tumbling requirements for level 5 :]
Lucky duck. I've been wanting to get on team for a year and my coach still hasn't asked me.

Kip, front hip circle, cast squat on, jump to the high bar, high bar kip cast back hip circle underswing half turn dismount.

Cartwheel, handstand, half turn, wendy dismount, leap

Round off double back handspring, front handspring, back walkover, back extension roll, splits

Front handspring over
Jul 23, 2009
fish, maybe you should ask your coach. mine didnt ask me, but she said okay because she had no idea i was interested.

thanks for the replies :]
May 17, 2009
well, for level 5, on beam you should practice handstands, cartwheels, half turns, heel snap turns, and side cartwheel to handstand dismounts. for floor you need your straddle jump, diveroll, fronthand spring, your leap pass, your good leg splits, back extension roll, full turn, and round off two back hand springs. And most of all for floor you need your BIGGEST smile!! for bars your routine is kip, front hip circle cast, cast sqaut on, jump to high bar, kip, cast, back hip circle, under swing, swing, swing, dismount. finally, vault, as you should know, is a front handspring. hope this helps!! ''if gymnastics were easy it would be called football''
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