What are these grips made of?

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Oct 5, 2008
I've seen a lot of gymnasts on tv and whatnot using 'grips' like these
what are they using? do they just literally wrap it over their hand then tie it up?

I'm wondering because i HATE using grips, they feel like they're in the way and i feel like i'm gonna slip off with them... especially whilst swinging upwards, i tend to lose my grip and it feels like it's cause of them. But i rip so bad, i need them. So don't really know what to do!

Edit - ok i don't think that link is working, i'm not sure. i don't know what they're called so can't google for another picture but this is the same thing only you can't see it so well! i think you'll know what i mean though http://discountleotards.com/images/categories/buttongrips1.jpg
If i rip (more or less every time) then i make tape grips under my grips... the tape grip doesn't stay put for long though.

And the grips they're making are made from some material not tape =/ In other pictures you can see that it's a material. All the romanian team seem to have them
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