What are you working on lately?

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Feb 21, 2009
Region 6
Vault: Making my handspring full better and working on 1 1/2s

Bars: Straddle up cast all the way to handstand and not just 3/4 handstand. Also cleaning up my straddle back by going back to doing it on the mat stack, and half pirouettes on low bar

Beam: 2 ft back handspring and front walkovers

Floor: front layouts, back layout 1/2s, and front handspring front pike front tucks


Vault: handspring full, working on getting the mats up to comp. height and cleaning up my form
Bars: 3 straight armed giants in a row, keeping feet up after 1/2 pirouettes, pike/layout flyaways
Beam: front handspring - cartwheel, back handspring, switch leap
Floor: front tuck RO BHS back tuck, front layout (+front tuck?), back layout 1/2, double turn, tour jèté 1/1 + tuck or split jump 1/1, switch leap 1/2, switch side leap, split or straddle jump 1/1.


Dec 21, 2008
Vault : Front Handspring
Bars: Kip, FHC, squat on
Beam: consistent full turn and consistent cartwheel. and hopefully soon a front tuck dismount
Floor: BHS, FHS, front bounder, bwo, front tuck

and of course, not getting injured!
Feb 26, 2011
vault: still the L4 vault but with hands on the table (hopefully going to be brave and try a handspring soon
bars: kip, connecting fhc to squat on
beam: trying to get some sort of routine together and working up to full turn and handstand on medium and high beam
floor: also trying to get a routine together, bhs, working on flexibility for bwo and maybe front limber, front tuck

Also working harder on getting my hip healthy again...it's had problems for so long and I'm tired of it!


Oct 4, 2009
Beam: Flic, Split change and my coach wants to start working back tucks on beam, perfecting split leap wolf jump
Floor: Round off flic layout, front sault step out roundoff back tuck (trying to avoid front tumbling), double turn
Vault: half on, perfecting handspring
Don't do bars


Feb 9, 2011
Vault: Perfecting my handspring.
Bars: Getting my long hang kip consistent, not tapping my feet on my glide swing and still making my kip, cleaning up my front hip circle.
Beam: Back walkover, full turn, larger leap (I have a 180 on floor beam, not just gotta do it on high beam), level 6 dismount.
Floor: Round-Off BHS Backtuck w/o a spot (fear issue, I have it fine haha), perfecting my back ext. roll, front handspring front tuck.
Mar 22, 2012
In my gym we only do floor so the main skills I am working on are front handspring and back handspring. I really hope I will get my BHS one day :-(
May 2, 2012
Largo, FL
As of right now, I m in search for a gym to start once again -- first gym I went that I tumbled in a "free trial" class -- I was working on to get my "grooves" back into Tumbling --

Floor: Round off back handsprings (need to practice) and Round off back tucks. **(it has been 16 years that I last tumbled) Did practice some on front handsprings...
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