What are your aches and pains?

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Oct 1, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
I stubbed my big toe walking down a handstand on the beam. Now my hip bones are all bruised from my cast on the bars (which leeds me to believe I don't think im doing them right). Than after a hard day of conditioning Im all sore.

Where does it hurt on you guys, oh and why?

Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Shoulders hurt from going a bit too heavy on the rings strength.

I used to have all manner of chronic knee and ankle problems, but I've been going much more cautious with my floor workouts lately, and I've managed to keep my knees and ankles in good condition.
Oct 28, 2008
Off and on achilles tendon pains on the left ankle, off and on generic pains on the right ankle. No idea why.

Off and on wrist pains, again no idea why.

Shoulders and arms from 1. overdoing it at Open Gym monday night(after being off for close to a month) and 2. Rotator cuff tendonitis from the spring that keeps raring it's ugly head from time to time(learning back handspring/spotting little girlies).
Oct 1, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Yeah i've had some wrist pain lately. I suppose its from pushing my front handsprings into my wrists way to much or maybe its rolling into my wrists rather than my shoulders during back walkovers. I totally gotta fix that.:D
Oct 5, 2008
I have carpet burn up my legs and a bad chin all from doing backwalkovers on beam! First i missed my foot and split the beam BUT i had a mat on the beam so it didnt hurt, i just got carpet burn up my legs cause i slid right down! And then i did another backwalkover, got back onto my hands into the handstand and my hands slipped and this time i didnt have a mat and just came straight down onto my chin :(
Despite that though i'm finally starting to stick my backwalkovers :)


My knee because just over a year ago I tore my meniscus. Boy, that was fun. It really doesn't take well to cold weather, and it's taken even worse to 6day practices + cold weather.

And my shin, I was doing a series of kips on highbar and somehow hit twice in a row, they were good kips though. :]
Jul 4, 2008
The joint where my big toe attaches to my foot is still weird after stubbing my toe trying some funny breakdancing like thing, and right now my ribs at the side/back hurt when I touch them, I have *no* clue why. I didn't land on them or anything! Sore neck might be from twisting my head when trying back handsprings - I seem to arch away from my coach to try and avoid accidentally killing him. But it beats sitting around at work and complaining about arthritis like half the other people there! ;-)
Oct 6, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
My back has been KILLING me lately, it's crazy! Went through physical therapy and everything for it this time last year. But it's been acting up again lately. :(

And of course there's the on-again-off-again shin splints. Oddly enough, this usually kicks in after my conditioning/gym class or sometimes even my dance classes at school. :confused:

This old gray mare just aint what it used to be. Lol! :D


Umm.. right now nothing that bad, but on Thursday I think I mildy sprained my ankle, and also some wrist problems in my left wrist. That's it for the moment! ( that's almost nothing compared to usually what's wrong with me!!)
Dec 8, 2007
I usually can't like feel my legs much but i'm used to it now. That would probably be from trying to run cross country and still do gymnastics at the same time. haha. but cross country's like over so i could feel my legs for a little bit but now its training for track... hahaha
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