what are your routines?

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what level are you in and what skills do you do in your routines?

high to low
clear hip to handstand
long kip
2 giants
layout fly away

handspring font sault

round off back flip layout full
frount stepout roundoff backflip arabian
layout full
double turn
double tuck jump
Jul 20, 2008
canada!... eh
Im a provincial level 4 in canada and my routines last year were:

tsuk tuck

cast Handstand
free hip
sole circle
cast handstand
flyaway 1/2

jump up mount
front handspring front handspring series
split leap wolf jump series
1/1 turn
back walkover
roundoff layout dismount

RO BHS BL 1 1/2
RO BHS BL 1/2 punch front
2/1 turn
switch leap switch ring series
switch 1/2

I am adding a lot of new skills this year so ill have more difficulty.


Jun 24, 2008
Heading back to USAG for a season of L9...

Vault- pike tsuk- 9.7 SV

Bars- kip cast hand, clear hip hand, clear hip 1/2, sole circle, straddle back, kip squat on, kip cast hand, giant, giant, full- 9.8 SV (in my ideal-but-improbable routine, I'd do the clear hip hand, clear hip 1/2 into a bail hand and omit the straddle back- 10 SV)

Beam- full turn, switch leap switch leap straddle 1/4, BHS BHS, cartwheel full- 10 SV (dismounts are not my thing. at all. neither is beam, for that matter)

Floor- some combination of 1 1/2 punch front, whip 1/2 FLO, FHS FLO FP, RO BHS 1/1, or RO BHS 1/1 FP. dance is almost definitely split 1/1 tuck 1 1/2, double turn, switch leap wolf hop- 10 SV (my idea of front tumbling generally involves punching out of backwards passes :) )
Feb 3, 2009
This is the bar routine I want for when I compete again at Level 8

Mount (from board between the bars) Free Front Hip Circle, cast bent hip straddle up HS, 1/2 pirouette, glide, Reverse Kip to HB (catch mixed grip), Peach Salto, switch glide, kip, cast Free Straddle over LB to hang on HB (mixed grip), Straddle cut catch on HB, kip, cast straddle cut inward to Whipsalto dismount.


Level 7:

Vault - fronthandspring (everything starts at a 10.0, handspring is just the easiest)

Bars - kip, freehip, kip, squat on, long kip, cast handstand, giant, giant, flyaway

Beam - walkover handspring, switchleg, tuck jump tuck jump, full turn, cartwheel/roundoff backtuck dismount

Floor - fronthandspring front pike, roundoff handspring layout (maybe a half/full next year), full or 1 1/2 turn, switchleg to tuck jump, tuck jump tuck jump full
Sep 19, 2008
our levels don't compare to usag levels,... ours are weird. Like, the one I'm competing you can be anywhere between l5 & l7. Roughly. Maybe even level 4, but obviously then you wouldn't score too well. The next level would be equivalent to a L7-9. It's a bit annoying because the step from one level to the other is just really hard!! I hope to make that move next summer with some missing requirements here and there because it's just annoying not to compete skills simply because they're not worth it and it's better to go clean.

For now I'm planning with the following:
Vault: Half on half off, yama****a, yama****a half
Bars: something involving a) toe on half (not to handstand), toe hecht (maybe, that's one of the skills that I can do but there's no point in doing them at that level. They're B, so a tenth in bonus, but that's not really worth the deductions I'm probably gonna get. If I competed the higher level they'd also get me .5 for a flight element. Then probably cast - clear hip (hopefully handstand)- flyaway (hopefully straight).
Beam: something with switch leap, roundoff, backwards roll, front half (or if I get it front full) dismount and random other stuff
Floor: front and back tuck for a non spring floor, maybe side aerial (they'Re a requirement but mine are ugly and hurt so we'll see about that... just not my best skill, I'd guess). On a spring floor: Back layout and front half (again, only really worth it if I was competing the higher level, cos you need some form of twisting and a B dismount there).
Dance: Switch, cat leap 1,5; wolf full, full turn with leg up.

as you see, I haven't really made up my mind yet;)


sorry about my terrible spelling but

vault- yurchenko tuck off
bars- mount high bar kip cast shootover to low bar, kip cast handstand, freehip handstand, toe shoot to high bar kip cast giant giant flyaway
beam- bhs 2 feet bhs 2 feet, backtuck, switchleap, full turn front layout full dismount
floor- ro bhs layout full, punch front front, ro bhs layout

this is for level 8


Jun 24, 2008
sorry about my terrible spelling but

vault- yurchenko tuck off
bars- mount high bar kip cast shootover to low bar, kip cast handstand, freehip handstand, toe shoot to high bar kip cast giant giant flyaway
beam- bhs 2 feet bhs 2 feet, backtuck, switchleap, full turn front layout full dismount
floor- ro bhs layout full, punch front front, ro bhs layout

this is for level 8

Just wanted to warn you that toe shoots (toe hechts) on bars, back tucks on beam, and front layout 1/1 dismounts on beam are not allowed in L8 next year. No acro Cs are allowed on beam and floor, and only specific (read: extremely limited) Cs are allowed on bars. [/judge hat]
vault: tsuk tucked

bars: kip cast clearhip into kip series backhip circle hiccup flyaway

beam: bhs split jump wolf jump change leap wolf 1/2 1/1 turn front l/o

floor: rounoff layout 1 1/2 front handsprin front l/o 1/1 roundoff layout 1/1
straddle 1/2 2/1 turn 1/1 turn leg up
Feb 16, 2009
ON, Canada
Vault: Handspring full

Bars: kip, cast handstand step down, sole circle, uprise back hip circle, cast handstand step down, toe on front tuck dismount

Beam: Press mount, full turn, back handspring, back walkover+ back walkover, split leap + split jump 1/4, cartwheel back tuck dismount

Floor: 1 1/2 turn to straddle jump full, front tuck + front handspring+ front layout, switch split +switch 1/4, round off + back handspring+ back layout.

Level 7

Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
Gold Membership
Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Layout thomas (back 3/2 flip with 3/2 twists)
Front layout, front 3/2
Japanese (wide-arm) press handstand
Back 3/2, front 1/2
Pike press handstand
Tucked thomas
Double front

On a good day: tsuk arabian double front
Backup vault (if my vault doesn't feel good in warm-up): layout kazamatsu (tsuk 1/1)

Rings (before I injured my shoulder):
Back uprise cross
Press to planche
Shoot to handstand
Front giant
Back uprise planche
Press to inverted cross
Back uprise L-support
Press handstand
Double layout or double back 1/1 out


May 25, 2009
my gym doesnt do USAG so our levels are way different and we dont have to do certain skills.
last years routines
bars- kip, freehip pullover, stoop on, long hang kip, free hip pullover, layout flyaway
beam- split leap tuck 1/2, 1/1 turn, fuete, backwalkover backwalkover stag jump, scale, cartwheel 3/4 jump, front pike dismount
floor- shashay catleap 1/1, roundoff backhandspring backflip, ariel walkover, split leap side leap, front flip step-out roundoff backhandspring, 1.1 and a half staight jump, roundoff straddle, 1/1 and a half turn, tuck full
vault- front handspring


Yurchenko 2/1

Uneven Bars
Jump to high bar; kip + cast to handstand + toe-on Tkatchev; kip + cast to handstand + giant 1/1 + overshoot to handstand; kip + cast to handstand + toe-shoot to high bar; kip + cast to handstand + giant + giant + double layout dismount

Balance Beam
press handstand mount; front aerial + flip flop + back layout stepout; switch split leap + straddle jump + split leap; 1/1 turn; free cartwheel; back tuck + sheep jump; roundoff + back layout 5/2

Floor Exercise
Roundoff + flip flop + full-in; switch ring leap + switch split leap 1/1; roundoff + back layout 3/2 out to roundoff + flip flop + back layout 2/1; 2/1 turn; front handspring + front layout 3/2; roundoff + flip flop + double pike

I didn't write this all out, just copied and pasted :) Working on upgrading bars especially, but upgrades won't happen until next season.
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