What did she do wrong?

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I'm curious why this beam score was so low??? 8.75 anything helps!


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you can see it in a different view, but not as embedded.

Myjaylark 8.75 is by no means a low score!!! I thought she did a beautiful job for a first time level 7 meet. She had a couple of balance issues - maybe due to nerves, and would have scored higher if she stuck her landing... I don't know what the deductions are and the clarity of the video is not great so not sure what else was missed. But GREAT JOB - I thought she did wonderful!!!
Why is an 8.75 "so low"? Are there score expectations? I hope she came away from the routine with encouragement and not disappointment.

Re the routine, balance checks have been mentioned, as well as big step on dismount. Besides those, the split jump needs to be 180 with an equal front/back leg. And they could easily have determined that the series was missing because of the pause before the back walkover. That's supposed to be continuous. If I recall, you can get .5 for that alone.
The biggest thing is that the acro series isn't connected and she bobbles in between. I'm not sure of the specific deductions because I haven't looked at the book in a long time since I haven't had to construct any routines in a couple of years (I had the easy job...just coach skills). However, I think it's like .3 for not connecting (that's what I think it used to be in L8 at least) and because she also bobbles, she probably lost another .2. So, you're already at a 9.5 by my calculations.

She doesn't hit a 180 split, so that could easily be another .1 to .2 I'm guessing. So, now we're at a 9.3. The finish of her turn is was not clean. So, that's another .1 or .2. We're at about a 9.1. You could easily take about .3 on the back handspring. So, I've got it at an 8.8 right now. And, she hops and takes steps on the landing. So, that could easily be .2 to .3 in my opinion. So, I've got her sitting at an 8.5. Now, that's a harsh score, but the deductions are there to take if the judges really want to be that harsh.

As a coach, I don't have a problem with harsh judges - as long as they're consistent and hit everybody the same.
My daughter's coach tells them, " if a judge can take a deduction, they will." I liked her mount--very nice and showed good control and strength. Everyone else has mentioned some of the balance checks etc. I would just add to try and have her work more up on her toes through the whole routine. Don't know that it gets you that much more in terms of points, but does have a nicer look and line. Also she seemed to rush through the pose after her full turn---might want to work on really holding the position a second or so longer and extending.

She gets the acro series connected and she should be up at a 9.
I don't think she did a horrible job at all, I was just curious where the deductions were coming from. Being that she was only 8 at the time she did fabulous and yes, she did come away from the meet with much praise. She placed third at the meet, I was just wondering about her beam score because it was the lowest of all her events. I don't know that much about scoring and what not and of course I'm a biased mom who thinks she should have gotten a 10! Thank you for the input, I appreciate the education.

Anita only got to compete twice last season as a level 7 because we moved to Texas but I guess she is training for level 8... I try to stay away from the gym as much as I can because I think it's not my place but hers. So this forum helps me understand more about what she is doing... I wasn't trying to be negative.

I didn't take your post as negative---just curious. Wow, 8 yrs old and competing L7---thats awesome! At age 8, mine was making her way up through pre-team. Now she just turned 11 and is working hard to compete as a L8 this year.

If 8.75 was her lowest score, she had good reason to be one happy girl! Sounds like she had a great meet.

I think this forum is great for parents to learn the "little" things that we might miss while watching our daughters compete. And naturally in our eyes they did great routines and always score a 10!
Well thanks, I think she is pretty neat but then, I'm biased! I don't think 11 is bad for a level 8! That's pretty good. Most of the kids in our old gym in Washington were 15+ doing levels 7 and 8.

My DD got a pretty early start in that her coaches at the time had her competing level 4 at age 6, level 5 at age 7, skipped level 6 and competed level 7 at age 8. I guess she is moving up again this year and they have her doing some TOP's stuff. It's fun to watch her little face when she get's new skills but scary to see some of them! She just got a back tuck on beam and let me tell you, whew that head came real close to the beam a few times!

Well, tell your daughter to reach for the moon, she just might land on a star!
Her form is very nice but she definitely didn't get connection on her acro series (tick tock back walkover). Since an acro series is a requirement, missing the requirement is an automatic .5 deduction on top of the execution errors (the wobble). She probably got .1 or .2 for the wobble. That was the biggest deduction, otherwise she has good form. Tough judges may take a compositional deduction of not being up to the level of competition if there is no connected series, I guess. The dismount was of course a few tenths of deductions. Otherwise she has good form and not too many balance checks, really 8.75 is quite high for missing a requirement.
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