Coaches What do I need for strap bar work?

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Seriously, if you have a strap bar, and only have one...make it a double strap bar so one kid can get into straps on the other side of the bar while the other kid goes.

This will increase your productivity A LOT.

That is the thing with the Ultimate straps, you basically should have someone put you in them. I did it myself using my teeth like a Neanderthal but I doubt I would let kids strap in themselves. Most kids can figure out how to get into the strap themselves and you just have to teach them or check on them to re-adjust and make sure they don't get into strap lock.
I suppose I'll have to invest in some of the normal, different sized straps soon, then. That's a bummer because I really thought the Ultimate Straps would be great. I just need to figure out where to buy the normal straps for a good price. I'm gonna try a few more things in the mean time. I'll keep having them try it, too. Maybe they'll get the hang of it.

What about doubling up on wristbands so their wrists are bigger? Just a thought. Never tried it myself!
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