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Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
your kid is the only one who did not move up a level when the rest of th group did?
my 2 are the only 2 that did not move up (I actually think its a good thing as I do not think they are ready as they started on the preteam a half a year later then the rest.
but I do see the want in my kids


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I am not sure how to explain this to little ones. I may be in a similar boat soon. My DD won't likely be the only one not moving up but I have heard we will have no L4's next season.

I know that regardless my DD will take this hard. I am planning on explaining that she can use this time to really work on her form and get some additional meets under her belt. But I know she will be disappointed, and if I am honest I will be as well. She has quite a few L4 skills and should be able to get the rest by meet season. so I don't know.

I guess I would just explain to them that they started later than these girls and that they will likely move up next time.

It is hard to see the want and not be able to provide.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
No words of wisdom really, just wanted to send you and the girlies a cyber (((HUG)))

It's hard when you think your kids are ready for something & you want them to stay w/their friends and not be left out. Can you speak with the coach to find out why and what they need to work on and when he/she thinks they WILL be ready to move up? Having 2 girls in the same program I would be concerned that coaches are possibly keeping one back because of the other and then move them up together? Just a thought.

I know when a ton of L4's moved up to L5 my DD was feelling a little left out, but then a bunch of pre-teamers started to practice with them and the left back ones felt like they were the "experienced" queens!


Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
Having 2 girls in the same program I would be concerned that coaches are possibly keeping one back because of the other and then move them up together? Just a thought.
Thanks, the thought about them keeping both did cross my mind and i would nt be shocked
To be honest If one were ready first it would be the youngest dd but Id rather her be 2nd to move up (sad I know) but she is barely 6 and def has time LOL
I am not upset that they didnt cause they are not ready and I think holdong back now is better I just see they do feel a bit awkward (mostly 8 yr old dd)
and all .

I have told them they are doing good and to keep working hard and have fun!
And remind them they started the team much later then the rest!

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
I think you just have to sit them down and explain the girls that moved up were on pre-team longer(maybe showing them a calendar would help) and they have just had more time to work on their skills. It sounds like your dds are quite happy and making good progress at their new gym, so that isn't the issue. Tell them to keep working and they will get to move up too---just not yet.

You might want to tell them what Blackie mentioned. They will be the "experienced"girls and the ones to lead the class. I don't know that I'd go running to a coach yet, about what skills they need and when they move up. That might be something to talk about come fall since they will have been there for close to a year. You could simply phrase as asking for a progress report.

Also give them big pats on the back and remind them what skills they were not doing or struggling with this time last year at the old gym and see how much more they can do now. Tell them you'll all go to 1 or 2 meets this upcoming season so they can cheer on their friends and get a real good idea of how meets work.


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
My younger DD is most likely not moving up this year, and actually she has been ok with that. I think being the youngest, she was always left out of conversations, social things, tht the other girls did together. She was 3 yrs younger than the next youngest girl and most of the girls were 5-6 yrs older. I'm honestly not sure what the coaches' plans are because 2 days a week she is with the "big" girls and the other 3 days with the new Level 4's and the girls moving from 4 to 5. When she is with the newer girls, she is with kids alot closer to her age and seems to be having more fun. And as Blackie mentioned, she is definitely noticed for her skills and experience. She enjoys being the one called to demonstrate the skills or being cheered on when she does something harder.

I think the important thing is to help your DD's focus on their skills and having fun, not being pressured to do things they are not ready for while practicing and becoming better at the skills they already have.
Jan 9, 2008
I would talk to the coaches and explain that your daughters are upset because they did not move up. Maybe they could explain why. I would let them know also because maybe they could explain to them why and work with them to help them move up. If they are young this could be very upsetting and hurt their confidence. I have also seen alot of kids quit gymnastics mostly in the recreational level because they did not move up. Maybe if they watched a meet in person or you tube they would understand better what skills they need to compete. I saw how upset my daughter got this first year on the team when other girls got to do certain events and she did not. She eventually realized if she worked hard she would get the skills. Encourage them to practice or go to open gym. I wish them luck


I really feel for you with this situation. As a parent there is nothing harder than seeing you children upset, hurt, feeling left out, etc. Like others said, I would explain that the others have been on preteam longer. How is your gym set up? Can they still be moved up after the summer if they do well and get whatever skills they need, or do they only do move ups once a year? Just remind them that they are very talented and not many girls out there can do what they can do. When it is their time they will go and do wonderful. Hang in there - and I hope it all works out and they continue to do well wherever they are :)
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
We were there last year:( So I know how you feel. Emily was only 1 of 8 that didn't move up to level 5 last year out of 40 girls. It ended up being okay but I still think right now Emily would be training for level 6 right now instead of 5 if she had moved up. However, the good thing I have found is last year she had a great meet year with the toughest age group(8year olds) and right now, they have all their level 5 skills and we still have like 5 months of level 5 training left before our first meet. Emily and a few others are training a lot for level 6 too right now. And I think when it comes down to meet season, those few girls will score in pretty darn good right out of the starting gate for level 5 meet season.


Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
Thank you for all your great advice! it always good comin from here!!

the girls are doing good , oldest dd is in the middle for age and youngest is still the youngest (I think that helps)
plus the coach they have is the same as before and they love her (she seems to really like them too ) they get to be the "little show offs" too and the coach lets them show how to do the skill she is teaching them. They seem to like this and feel really good (isnt it all about letting them have a good confidence)

also they easily could move up during the summer or even year
they got invited to Preteam for he first of December and 1 girl moved right after to level 4 so I have told them this ! so they didnt even start till December last year so they got into it late (we started this gym in sept) they are pretty happy and love going! also the level 7 girls keep going over and helping my girls out since they are the ones they know the best (it helps they all want to "take care of" youngest dd since she is a peanut (thats what her coaches call her) LOL

so Nothing to worry about it seems (just had to be prepared since it seemed oldest dd was a bit bummed about not being with the other kids plus I actualy think she is NOT ready for competition so this is great! the only thing that would be nice is if they could get more days in since I am getting bugged so often about whenthey go next!
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