What do you honestly think of Shawn Johnson's floor music?

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May 3, 2008
I personally do not like it. To me it does not sound like floor music, but rather like a whole bunch of sound effects mixed together. I am not dissing Shawn, I just do not like the music. I want everyone's honest opinion and answer it as if you did not know what Shawn's style was and that she was an elite gymnast and olympian(YAY for Shawn!).
I really don't like it. But, she really chose it as she felt it was meaningful to her. SO perhaps her ability to connect with the music will mean she performs better.
I was really excited to hear she was getting a new floor routine, but i was pretty disappointed when i first saw it. It's not my favorite, i liked her old one much better. I still love shawn though! :p
Same here--I was excited to see it but when I did I was very dissapointed. I know it is from the movie August Rush, but it just does not seem like very good floor music. It just sounds like a jumbled mess--no disrespect to Shawn, it's just when it is an Olympic year, you would think whe would pick better music. Maybe it will grow on me...
I doubt it though.
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I have to agree with the rest of you---don't like the music at all. Just doesn't seem to work all that well for a floor routine. Her music from last season was much better suited to her than this is.
I have no problem sticking myself out there-I really like this music/routine. I've seen August Rush, and it had a huge affect on me. It just really strikes me and I love watching this new routine.
it took me a while to like it and get used to it...i had to watch it plenty of times. i still don't love it but i can tell that she connects to it and it seems she enjoys doing the more "mature" floor so i enjoy watching her do it.
Shawn's is much more interesting than I remember it. Unlike Nastia or Shayla, she doesn't have the dancer/ballerina build and it is more like MaryLouRetton's. I like to call her " SuperMouse " because she is a powerhouse, short and built and who I think has that expression in her face. That could just be her youth though.

All in all, her dance and choreography are enough to compete well on the world circuit, but I find a lot more beauty in Nastia or Shayla's which are the classical or tango styles to me. Actually, I have always like Shayla's more but that's just me.

Electronica music is very popular in movies. Think Bourne Identity which had a score a few of our girls loved and used I think.
I don't like the entire routine. The old one fitted so much better to the tumbling- she has insane tumbling and is one of the best in the world at it and then she had "dance" (no offence) that was different and spunky as well.
I love her floor music! It is so beautiful. The only reason you guys don't think it sounds like floor music is because most of the gymnasts now-a-days choose really spunky ugly floor music and you guys have gotten use to it. I havent. I'm back in the old days when gymnastics was beautiful. But her dance is another story. If a soviet had used this music it would have been a great routine.
I'm just glad I have a DVR, mute button and can fast forward from tumbling pass to tumbling pass.

Inappropriate music is my pet-peeve. I can't decide which is worse, her music choice or leo choice. Eh...I guess they match.

You'd think Antonia could come up with some hot music and at least a decent routine. Ah well.
I liked it, and I thought the general movement/flow of the routine throughout the floor was pretty nice, although obviously her strong points lie elsewhere.
I hated her old music. Her dance was worse than it is now and its pretty bad now plus that music was wierd and annoying. This music is mature and beautiful.
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