What do you like to do on your days/day off from gym??

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Hi just wondering what you all like to do on your days off of gymnastics??? Any hobbies beside gym?? I like to make montages on youtube>:):)

Open to all comments!



I coach...gymnastics. So even when I'm not practicing, I'm still involved! It's more what I do on top of gymnastics-school, violin, writing, reading LOVE IT, French club, international club, invisible children club, going online, working out/track, and watching Project Runway, Dancing with the Stars, CNN and the Daily Show with John Stewart and the Colbert Report(I 'm a political junkie, along with my parents, who stayed up unworldly late during the democratic convention to watch the key-note speakers live, as welll as the analysis that followed), in no particular order of preference. And I have the greatest best friend in the world, with whom I love to hang out. I would usually go watch her play volleyball, but that won't be happening because of her torn ACL. I also love going to football games on Friday nights, (basketball games in winter, so long as there's no meet the next day!) and plan on being in a few study groups with some friends. How much studying we'll get done will be no guarantee, but it will definitely be fun. Of course I can't possibly do all these things on any given day, but they are just some of the activities in which I engage myself. There's probably things I'm forgetting, but this gives the general idea.
Sep 9, 2007
I love going into town with my friends, going to parties, going shopping, going to the pictures, going out for dinner and watching TV.

Am currently grounded for 3 months though *boooo*.
Aug 26, 2008
I swim, workout, scrapbook, do school, play piano/violin/guitar/flute, shop, write, read, draw, go online, and babysit. There's more, but I wouldn't want to bore you! :D I'm pretty busy. :cool:


Jun 24, 2008
Oh wow. Let's see... I work about 15 hours/week at various positions and for various people (I get paid for 10 hours/week of research, coach 3 hours/week, and blog for prospective students), and I'm just beginning to work on my thesis. I also write for the student newspaper about once a week. This is kind of gymnastics related, but I'm running our home meet this year with the other meet chair. I also judge a few weekends a year... maybe 3-4 per semester, nothing major. When I'm not doing any of these things, I'm probably taking a nap, playing piano, doing sudoku, or doing my homework (which is basically 3-5 hours/day of reading).


I agree with Geoffery (sorry if i spelt that wrong) I get twitchy and irritable. Lately i have been doing extra practice but at the moment...its holidays. BOOOOOOO!!!! our gym is kinda annoying coz we dont have holiday training, even for the seniors!! grrrrrrr
its infuriating. so usually i go down to a different club and train there. Problem is, the closest club is about an hour away!


when i was younger and on team and going to TOPS national camp and stuff, i was always at the gym it seemed when i wasn't at school! and when i was at home, i was still practicing (luckily my mom is not the type to keep valuables in the open, so i only ended up breaking a coffee table once).

when i wasn't at the gym, i snowboarded a bit (my godfather taught me when i was little, as i got a little older, i kinda got afraid of breaking my wrist). i also did some Deaf culture stuff which was and still is required by my IEP (individual education plan, all "disabled" students in public school have to have one). i went to a camp near my house where Deaf kids from all over the county go every summer, stuff like that. i love my friends and like to hang out with them when i have the chance.

in high school when i started cheering i suddenly had all this free time! spent even more time with my friends, going to the mall, stuff like that. starting in middle school i started helping out at the ski/bike/raft shop my godfather owns and my dad used to manage. i love to watch DVD TV shows like *** and the city and grey's anatomy. i started working part time at PacSun. typical high school stuff.

now i'm back in the gym on top of cheering and school and have like 0 time. barely even enough time to hang out w/ my boyfriend. that's okay though! :)


I forgot pole vaulting! No actual vautls til December :( but I work out every day before school and Saturday too. My coach is with me Friday mornings. I take strength class, too, so that's good. I don't think my internship is on my first list, so I do that now until election day. ;)


Lately its been college applications! But I like chatting online, reading, watching TV, or doing more then one of the above at the same time!


My one day off is Sunday, so it is pretty jam-packed. I have to go to church in the morning. But after that we go skiing, boating, or snowmobiling. But somehow I do have time for friends. I hang out with friends mainly on Saturdays after gymnastics.
Oct 24, 2008
I read, I write stories, I go out with my friends, I must do my homework and study :bored:...

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I spend a lot of time with friends, my boyfriend. I do a lot of photography, gotta love it! And I'm building a car to drag race, so I'm busy, and poor, lol.
Oct 24, 2008
What I do on my day off.

Well if I ever have a day off from gym (which is rarely ever, but I love it. lol) I like to hang out with friends and go shopping (mostley for leos. lol), play soccer with my brother, I like to practice some skills, cook (I love to cook), baby sit my little nephew, and pretty much do anything.
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