OT What do you watch for stress relief/laughs?

Parents... Coaches... Judges... Gymnasts...
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DD18 is a Star Wars junkie, eagerly anticipating the new series coming out soon.

We both enjoy watching Project Runway, which is especially humorous because neither of us is into fashion IRL and neither of us sews much! Now that she's at college, we either watch simultaneously and text comments to each other, or she comes home for a weekend and we watch it on demand. Fun bonding time!
Gymnastics, and, life in general, can be stressful, right? What are some TV shows/movies/etc. that you watch to zone out and relax? Or, for good old dumb humor? Bonus points if it's something you and the gymnast in your life both enjoy. Parents, 'fess up, I know you actually like some of those "kids shows", LOL.
Rather I like to watch movies or listen music's, But sometimes I feel like I should talk to someone else, so I use social apps
Star Wars Turn GIF by Boba Fett Fan Club

The Book of Boba Fett!
My favorite movies are the chronicles of Narnia.
When I was younger my sister and I loved to watch Three wishes for Cinderella and the Little House on the Prairie.
I really recommend watching this series. It is very entertaining. Plus it has nine season so you can enjoy it for a long time.
Just to relax I like to watch sport. I especially follow gymnastics (of course) and women soccer. In the wintertime it is biathlon, Ski alpin and ski jumping.
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