What does everyone know about UV lights for COVID-19 for a gym?

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Does anyone know anything about farUV... UVC... farUVC? Would these work in a gymnastics facility? Cost effective?

I am seeing the UV robots in some hospitals cost $50,000+ per robot... but I would think that is mainly for the robot and not the lights. I am seeing commercial sanitizing lights for $5,000 or or less... but these all look as if it would take many to do any area the size of a gym. Also... UVC lightbulbs on Amazon for $35?

Obviously you can burn stuff with UV. Is far UV (222nm) safe... what about 223nm+? Is it effective against coronavirus?

@profmom You know anything about this stuff? Don't you work in a lab?

@mommyof1 You posted these in the other forum. Not many votes for them... but I am very interested.
The Columbia University article I linked says that the university has already demonstrated that far-UVC is effective against other coronaviruses and is currently testing it against SARS-Cov-2. According to the article, the technology is already in production but has not yet been approved by the FDA and the EPA.

Peer-reviewed publication:

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