What Injuries Have You/Your Child Experienced From this Sport?

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i got most of my injuries being thrown off naughty ponies, needless to say it really didn't go down well with my gym coaches when i turned up to practise with my ankle in plaster! :p i had a series of injuries on bars (twisted ankle from dismount and fractured my collarbone) though that shot my confidence to pieces, teamed with a riding accident that put me in hospital and really shook me up (i used to be quite a fearless little kid!)
WOW... after reading some of these posts, my DD's injuries seem very minor. She broke her collar bone August 1... out of practice for 3 months.... went back to beginning of November to get ready for her first competition in Williamsburg in December. Badly sprained her right ankle a week before that meet. Still qualified for States... BUT here it is towards the end of March and she's still struggling w/that ankle. Been in PT for 2 weeks now, but is still having mild to moderate pain at times..... For all of you who have suffered ankle sprains, how LONG does it really take to heal from that???? Sorry, I think I need to post a new thread!
Ok, so I just said that I got a concussion, but I just found out Thursday that I probably have Oshgood-Slautters (sp?):( THREE days before STATES!!!!!:mad::mad::mad:

Ok, so thouught I had Oschgood-Slautters (sp?), but it didn't hurt at States (Yay!), and it has only hurt a little since then, so probably don't have it. Which is fine with me. (did I say fine, I meant amazing!:p:D)
I've had so many injuries, but not all from gymnastics....
-sprained both ankles too many times to count (in a walking boot right not actually haha!)
-sprained my right wrist at least 2 or 3 times
-hyperextened knees
-broken big toes and little toes (so far the only thing i've broken... *knocks on wood!*)
-wait that last one was a just kidding, fractured my heel playing on the rings haha
-lots of other aches and pains/bruises
[worst injury i've ever had was in cross country two years in a row where i almost tore my right achilles and had to be put in physical therapy]
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Mine are nothing compared to everyone else's (thank god!) XD These aren't really injuries, more like little accidents.

Lots of minor hamstring muscle pulls (they healed on their own).
Whacked my back pretty hard on a front handspring vault 'cus I thought I knew how to do it when I didn't.
Two really disgusting rips. Blood everywhere. The second one I got when the only person at the front desk was super squeamish and didn't want to bandage it. :p
Lots of sore wrists.
Banged my thigh falling off the beam.
Bar burn.
Banged my leg doing donkey kicks.
Banged my shin doing a cast squat on just yesterday.
Did something to my neck falling backwards on a tumble trak. Seems fine now though.
My knee feels torked sometimes.

My most serious accident happened before I started gym. We were rear-ended in a car accident and we all got whiplash :/
Oh my gosh. Reading this thread has almost made me glad my DD is considering quitting gymnastics. LOL. This worrywort mom did NOT need to read all this. :D
11 years of gymnastics and i've never really gotten injured... *touch wood*! I once got a badly sprained ankle years and years ago, and about 6 months ago i fell off beam and dented my shin but other than that nothing! I just hope i haven't jinxed myself now!
Alrighty, I consider myself lucky

- Achilles tendonitus, 6 weeks out (from irish dance) left ankle = eternally weak
- Sprained left ankle, one week out (like I said, eternally weak)
- Fracture L5, three months out :mad: getting over that one at the moment...
I've been pretty lucky in that I've never had any serious injuries, just a bunch of random minor ones.

- Twisted ankles more times than I can count
- Sprained toe from vaulting
- "Badly banged" little toe when I stubbed it on the edge of the trampoline immidiately after doing a front layout (it wasn't broken but it sure looked gross and is still slightly swollen 1.5 years later)
- Perma-stupid right wrist (it hit a mat a few to many times and got bent too far back 3.5 years ago)
- Pulled muscle in back that still has flare-ups 3 years later (bailing on a BHS is very bad idea)
- Rght now I'm dealing with a strained rotator cuff that I'm getting physio for (I landed on my arm funny and it tweaked the shoulder)

Luckily none of these injuries have ever kept me out of training, although the wrist did keep me off my hands for the last 2 weeks of that summer (I ended up with really strong abs). I've also had the usual aches and pains and more rips than I've been able to keep track of.
I have been in gymnastics since I was 5 years old and my list as almost as long as the balance beam

-10 broken toes
-partially torn achilles tendon
-100 shin splints
-almost broke back with i was 8
-almost broke neck at 17
-stress fracture in back
-stress fracture in ankle
-stress fracture in wrist
-bruised ankle bones
-osgood disease
-dislocated shoulder
-hyper extended knee
-torn all ligments and tendons in ankle
-50 sprained ankles
-herniated discs
-deteriotating discs
-pulled back mucles, groin, hamstring, quad....etc
-partially torn quad muscles
-5 concussions
-tendonitis in arm
-arthritis in back
-brain stem a 1/2 inch out of my brain

ok so I think that might be it, but im really not sure.
I am a gymnast and have had some injuries such as severely pulled neck and back muscles, a sprained MCL (knee), a broken growth plate in my foot ( a few toes never grew again ) and a broken foot.

- It's not about getting to the top. Its about the hard work and injuries you endure on your way there. :) ME
hmmm lets see. i'm not sure if there has been any major things except a sprained ankle (which happened without doing gymnastics just in the the gym) and about a month ago i broke my nose (but get this, when i broke it, i broke it back into place on impact! so i didnt have to go see a doc). i have had however a lot of scares! and im sure my coaches hate me for that.
I was a competitive gymnast from age 12 to 18, the worst injuries I had was a slightly hyper-extended knee and a jammed finger. I didn't go to the doctor for either...

I haven't had any iserious injuries from gymnastics apart from just a scratch leaving a scar down my face. This wasn't my fault though because I was doing a handspring on vault and the coach tried to catch me to help but instead by accident she scratched me with her long fake nails. OUCH :eek:

I think I'm pretty lucky :eek:
Had ankle athroscopy in december to remove a spur from my tibia. Have a stress fracture in my shoulder (coracoid process) Apparently VERY rare but common amongst trap shooters (the force of the gun onto your shoulder) 5 doctors I have spoken to have never seen a stress fracture there. also in my shoulder I have a tear of the labrum. I have a stress fracture in my lower back. Sponylolysis of the vertibrae and I could keep going. All this at 18 years old. great huh

BUT IT WAS WORTH IT....LOVED every minute of gymnastics before i injured myself.

Hope this doesnt turn any gymnastics parents off or gymnasts :S
hey i never really got hurt untill this year minus the sprained ankles but in an 7 month competitive season i

messed up tendon and was in a boot for a little over a month

a week later (exactly) i fractured my radial in my elbow (no cast, nice doctor) 6 weeks

Then i fractured the growth plate in my hip crutches for two weeks and 6 weeks off

so total i competed two months this year. like four meets. still made states easily but had to miss it. hope next year brings better luck lol

other than this year it was fine... i had (still have) osgoods and reallt tight kneebraces and/or tape fixed that but i think everyone just has an off year here and there. im glad nothing was super serious like complete tears or anything =]
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I have had 2 MAJOR injuries other than the obvious scrapes and bruises. I severly broke my middle finger doing connected back handsprings in 5th grade. The 2 tendons on top of my finger were all twisted up! I almost had to have surgery, but luckly i didn't. And sprained my ankle really bad doing a conditioning drill we do called plio. I had to have a cast on it, but only for about a month, maybe two..idr. I was out of gymnastics for 4 months for my finger and 3 monthes for my ankle. those are the only serious injurys i have had, and i am a level 6. I had to do physical therapy for both of the injuries.
I have injured both knees, hyper extended my knee and elbow, broke my pinky toe more times than i can coun't by running into a mat, injured my back from landing on it too many times, and landed on my chest when i missed the bar!
may this be a consolation for anyone reading this thread for gymnastics. gymnastics is 44th on the list of reported trips to the emergency rooms here in the US. our stay in the hospital, if needed, is just a bit longer than most sports but puts us in 18th. hands down, gymnastics is still considered one of the safest sports for children to be participants. this may be due to coaches who are exceedingly obsessive, compulsive, neurotic, and thorough in regard to their heightened awareness of safety when coaching children in gymnastics.
and because someone pm'ed/asked, rock climbing leads all in fatalities in children 18 and under. cheerleading comes in 2nd. and both lead all activities in reported trips to the emergency room with the longest stay when necessary.
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