What is a club like?

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Apr 10, 2009
I am currently in a school program. I will be moving and joining a club. I have no experience with a club. I would like to know what the enviroment is like. I would also like an opinion on what is better, a school program or a club?


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Club! I use to just do summer school and rec which wasn't very good at all! Not saying that your school program isn't good lol but mine wasn't, in most cases it is more strict and sometimes more safe and I learn way more! Have fun and enjoy every second of it :):)
Apr 10, 2009
I love club!!!!!!!!!!! So so so so so so so so much more fun!!!!!! It is more of a challenge and more of the sport than school rec!!!!!!!!! And the days as far as i know are more but more official and better!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy it as much as we all do!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!
May 3, 2008
i have never done club, but i would like to do it as well as my high school gymnastics team. high school at my school is more laid back, but i have learned all of my skills through high school; from my kip to my 1 1/2 on floor. enjoy club! cause i would love to do it :)


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
i have only done club and i LOVE it to deathh!!
there is probably a lot more equipment that at schools and you usually have better instructors.
i hope you like it!!

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Each club is different. Some are very intense/competitive, others more middle of the road and yet others have teams, but are very relaxed in their approach to competition. Some clubs have active parent booster organizations to help offset the cost of meets, leos, travel etc. and others have none---parents have to pay for just about everything.

Coming from a school program, your dd may find a club program a little different. You need to check out as many gyms as possible to find one that has the right philosophy for you and your dd. Some clubs do USAG only, some have USAG and USAIGC, some also have rec leagues(depends on the state), the Y has its own program and some gyms do AAU. Lots to look at and consider. Ask lots of questions and do as many "trial" practices as possible before committing to any specific gym.
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I have never done rec, but I absolutely LOVE club! I really like my club especially because we can have fun, yet we really work hard and get to train with more equipment than many high school or rec teams.
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