What is everyones favorite event?

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Bars, beam and vault are my favorite!! :D

Floor is my least favorite, due to injuries.. But I still love it!!
Right now, I adore all of it the same! Since I didn't fall as often this practice on beam, it magically became funner! :rolleyes: I do love bars and vault all the time and floor is kinda my "cool story bro" event.

EDIT: "Cool story bro" event means it's like my "neutral"- I don't dislike it, but I don't love it.
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I just finished competing level 4. I love pretty much all of the events. When I competed level 4 (I won't compete again until probably January), my favorite event was vault. I also really like bars. I like them all, but, for the first couple of meets, I would SHAKE on beam.
Definitely floor! I looooove tumbling and I absolutely love performing! Second would be vault, I'm really small but strongly built, think ASac or Shawn, definitely not Nastia. Then bars, and last is beam. Part of what causes my Deafness affects my balance which you would think would mess up all my gymnastics. For some reason it mostly affects when I'm on beam. That and at L10 States a couple years ago I hit my head on my dismount and knocked myself out. I was okay but was hurt and embarrassed and it ruined my AA score. Oh well! I miss competing SO SO bad!!!

I love watching beam though. And I don't mind coaching it. It's just something about doing it! I also love coaching floor, choreography is so much fun and I love helping with tumbling passes. I probably don't have a least favorite event in watching or coaching!
Bars is my favorite to watch also! Once my skills got going on bars I found that to be my favorite event to compete, though vault was my best, floor is meh (I know what kind of gymnast am I) and I love practicing beam, there was nothing better than doing reps on beam it sure feels good to hit a skill solid 5 times in a row on beam!
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