For Coaches What is the first "real" thing young kids learn?

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I was watching my three year old. In his three year old class yesterday. And one of the three year old girls was doing front walkovers! (while coach wasnt looking). I was just suprised how strong the little girl was to start and why they havent at least put her in a kindergym class or something. She is doing more than my almost 5 year old can do, lol.

But it got me thinking. What comes first for these little guys. I assumed it would be a backwalkover.. Well cartwheel first of course, lol.

Just curious what you typically see come first.


Sep 13, 2007
way out West
jumping, rolling, shapes (straight, tuck, straddle, pike, arch etc...), lunge, hang, support, releve, plie, arm position (fwd, crown, them whatever you want), 3/4 handstands, cartwheels

I would bet anything that this 3-year-old is doing a front walkover with horrible form and technique. Just because she can do it, doesn't mean she should. While it's impressive, there are a million other things she could be taught while her back develops.


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Jan 4, 2008
Yes, it does depend on what you mean by skill. We teach the basic shapes and probably the first "real" skill would be a forward roll followed by handstands, cartwheels, backward rolls.


Nov 12, 2007

I think it also greatly matters on the routines this kid will have to do. I know that being in NZ lots of time is spent teaching little things that i would pref not to have to teach at all, but regadless of what i think i still need to teach it.
For a beginer competative kid, the basics really are the first skills (eg, forward, backward rolls, cadle sticks, handstand a must, casts, glides, stretch jumps of the springboard etc. All and all there is heaps that needs to get taugh simultaneously. But the basic stuff really is always first up.
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