Parents what is the name of this dance move?

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just like the gymnastics tricks have names, do all dance moves have names as well?
my DD who is training for level 1 was learning some dance moves as well the other day. Its pretty simple but what would you call it?
I will try to describe.
My DD calls it "POP POP POP"
1. stand still, feet together, arms by your sides
2. "POP", says the coach and all the girls "pop" one knee forward (foot standing in the same place but now on tippie toes) and another leg standing streight. Arms still by their sides.
3. "POP", says the coach and ANOTHER leg got straight and the other one gets bendy knee and on toes. This time their arms go forward by ears and face down.
4. "POP", says the coach and again they switch straight leg bendy knee, this time their arms go as "finish" or "present".
What would you call this all? lol
It's part of the new routines and it's just "choreography" not a skill in the code with value or anything. But the compulsory materials call it "forced arch" poses. In the voiceover with the music, Tom Koll says "forced arch, pop, pop".
It seems that the "pop, pop" has replaced the prance steps from the previous comp.'s in L3-5 fx (those are the only levels we compete, so I haven't really looked at 1 & 2). The fall to the floor at the end of 3-5 fx is the real gem, in my opinion ;)

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I LOVED "prance prance". In her stage of listening to the floor music constantly, DD would say "prance prance" in such a funny voice and then I noticed we moms started doing it at comps. I'll kinda miss "prance prance".
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