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So DD had 3rd level 10 meet. Kid has best bars ever but tanked them again! 2nd time in a row. This is the 4th place level 9 regional bar placer and she got 9.1 1st meet. 2nd meet 7.5 and this weekend 7.65 (this with 2 falls, no you know it was a 9 plus routine). ARGHHH...Oh well, 1st year level 10 has lots of suprises. Getting ready to leave for GWGF in Idaho (from FL) on Thursday and just hoping she can put up her best routines. She works like a fiend and it is discouraging for her to not show it at meets. Wish her luck.


Tell her to just take a deep breath and do what she loves to do. It will come. And good luck to her!
Not open for further replies.