For Parents What is Your Child's Favorite Event?

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DD1: Bars is her favorite but Vault has always been her high scoring event until this season. She’s petite, powerful, snd tight/pointed during her yurchenko and landing. Even with her watered down 8.6 SV because she refuses to flip a L8 vault, she still scores above 8.0. I think that is why coach doesn’t make her scratch the event because her form is spot on and her deductions are minimal.
DD2: Bars is her highest scoring and favorite event despite the fact that she has had some blocks to work through this year. Vault is 2nd highest scoring event but she likes beam more.
DD3: Shes only Bronze but crushes it on bars and floor. She’s super petite and has a cute floor routine and is one of the most flexible kids I’ve ever seen. She steals the show when she’s out there.
My son loves pommel, by far his best event. Rings is a close 2nd, though. These events come relatively easy to him so he enjoys the ability to uptrain as much as possible.

He does NOT like vault. The idea of running full speed at a stationary object doesn't sit well with him, I can't blame him. I don't know how the gymnasts do it.
Bars has always been her favorite and strongest event. She struggles with form on the other events, but is gorgeous on the bars. Beam… well, even when she does well, she hates it. She basically tolerates it so she can compete the other events!
floor!! floor, vault, bars, beam in order (olympic order lol). i can do silver vault and i’m a silver currently but i am struggling to go over the table as i am small and can’t get enough power. bars causes too many rips and in practice the bars warm up is very hard. i am really bad and inconsistent on beam and it scares me tbh (jumping backward onto your hands on a 4 ft high 4 in wide piece of wood!?). so by process of elimination, floor is my favorite event… basically it’s just easiest for me to do and it’s my best event.
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My daughter's #1 favorite is always Vault, even though she's tiny. #2 would be bars or beam, depending on her mood. Floor is always last, but she is excited about a new floor routine this year so maybe that will shake things up :)
Bars! The rest of my team thinks I am crazy... but I love 'em. It is the only event I have not had mental blocks on.

I always think it is funny when people say they hate an event. Sure, I find X event frustrating sometimes. Sure, I scored low on X event. Sure, I don't find X event as fun as Y event right now. I hate X event?!?! No way. I like all four of them or I would not be doing gymnastics.
I'm not a parent, but I am a gymnast, and I love floor, because of the tumbling! I love tumbling! The best thing about WAG. (Used to do WAG, I do Acro now.)
My L3 daughter loves the beam too -- she's the only girl on her team who seems to like it. It's not her best event (she's quicker to pick up things on bar and vault), but she loves it all the same.
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