What is your floor music?

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My DD1 has Rockin Robin. DD2 and DD3 are still stuck with the compulsory music.:rolleyes:

Even if you are a compulsory gymnast or parent, what would your dream floor music be? DD2 wants Hannah Montana and DD3 wants SpongeBob.:p
Now that is the statement of the year. Bribri how do you learn your floor routine? I am very impressed with your story and I'd love to know how you deal with things in the gym.

LOL thanks. I don’t think its that interesting, but oh well. i guess thats b/c i'm used to it. annyywaayy...

I was born Deaf. Kind of complicated, but my mom had to be given antibiotics at the beginning of labor, which was premature. I have profound Deafness at 95 dB meaning I can barely hear a jet engine standing close to it. People with normal hearing can hear noises between 0 and 20 dB. My mom was an interpreter when I was born (I lucked out lol!) and she now has a masters in special ed w/ a focus in deaf and hard of hearing. Like a lot of people she thinks its best to raise Deaf kids with ASL (American sign language) as their 1st language instead of trying to use hearing aids and cochlear implants. So yeah, I was raised w/ ASL as my 1st language.

I started gymnastics when I was 3. mostly for the typical reason, I was super energetic and my mom wanted to give me an outlet. Also, she thought gymnastics would help improve my balance (I’ve had a bunch of diff. surgeries putting tubes in my inner ears b/c of ear infections and stuff) and motor skills. She also thought that gymnastics would be a good chance for me to interact w/ kids my age but succeed at a sport w/o communication issues.

My mom was obviously at all our practices, and interpreted for me. At that really young age there wasn’t much to say, I remember a lot of it being really visual. We moved when I was 5 and I started at a new gym. my mom was still coming to practices and interpreting what the coaches said for me. By the time I turned 7 and was invited to join level 5/team, the coach had started picking up sign. Same w/ some of the girls I’d been working with. The more I learned gymnastics, the more my coach learned sign J when I went to national camp for TOPS when I was 9, he came w/ me and interpreted. he’s still the same team coach at my gym and a really great guy.

As far as events and stuff, the accommodations I have are really just visual start cues. I also have gotten a flag when I’m on beam at the end of a routine instead of the warning bell. You’d think floor would be the hardest, but its def. my favorite. A lot of how I learned is like how marlee matlin (a famous Deaf actress who was on the show ‘Dancing w/ the stars’) said she learned how to dance by following the visual rhythm. My coach picks music that has simple beats that makes it easier for me to follow w/ movement at practice. On top of that, I focus a lot on my tumbling skills instead of my dancing skills. Think more shawn than nastia. Mostly it comes down to working really hard at practice and going through my routine over and over with my coach until I can really see and feel it move smoothly, w/ or w/o music.

I’ve always idolized aimee walker pond. She was an elite gymnast who went on to compete at BYU and was also Deaf (and blind In one eye! I thought I struggled on beam w/ balance b/c of my inner ear problems, eek). She’s pretty amazing and I always looked to her when I was coming up through the JO levels and would get frustrated. When I did high school gymnastics freshman year we had this coach who had no clue what she was doing. She wouldn’t work with me on my floor routine and thought I should go do special Olympics! And I was the only level 10 girl on the hs team. I ended up quitting that team. I did cheerleading sophomore, junior and senior year. It was actually our cheer coach who sent out some videos of me tumbling to colleges in our region (rocky mountain) for scholarships. One coach loved the tape but thought their program was too music and cheer oriented to be a good fit for me. She gave the tape to their gymnastics coach who really loved it (I had some E level skills in my passes). Now I’m back on team with my club coach and training for college (hopefully). If weren’t Deaf maybe that wouldn’t have happened. Who knows!

Sorry this is so long, but yeah that’s pretty much my story. I guess what it comes down to is I love gymnastics a lot. I don’t think ive had to try a lot harder than anyone else or anything. Let me know if u have anymore questions :)
That is truly amazing bribri514! You are such an inspiration.:)
Bribri I am so impressed with your story. I will have my girls read it as they are sure to be inspired by your tenacity. Thank you for sharing this with me and the rest of the chalkbucket.

Your coach must be quite the guy to be so commited, good luck in the coming year.

Bribri - Thank you for sharing your story. You are an example of the old saying 'anything is possible'. I am sure with your desire and commitment you will reach all your goals.

Best of luck.

Your story is very moving. Your mum must be so proud of you!
It was kind of you to share it- I'm certain others will be inspired by your perseverance. Good luck with your goal of college gymnastics!:)
Thanks for sharing that story with us! I will also have my gymmie read it...I'm sure that you have been and will continue to be an inspiration to many!!:)
Great story bribri. You should write it up and send it into a newspaper or magazine. I know you think it's no big deal, but stories like yours are important for others to hear. It's an encouragement to those out there who are working to overcome obstacles, and it inspires many others as well! ;)

Ok, so about the topic. My dd just got her Prep-Op music & floor routine! The coaches let her (& teammates) pick from a group of CD's that they like to use. I wasn't sure about her choice at first, but then I thought, oh what the heck, this is her thing, let her enjoy her music while she can! It's only Prep-Op, which is supposed to be fun! :rolleyes:

It's from Wolf Jump Music, and it is an instrumental version of the song "Isle of Dreams" from Spy Kids 2. Kind of Rock & Roll/electirc guitar-ish at points, but it's got lots of energy & drama. She LOVES it, and I am happy for her. I'll post a vid of her routine once she starts practicing it more. We're still trying to get thru the last 3 L6 Meets of the Season, LOL! :p
Great story bribri. You should write it up and send it into a newspaper or magazine. I know you think it's no big deal, but stories like yours are important for others to hear. It's an encouragement to those out there who are working to overcome obstacles, and it inspires many others as well! ;)

i don't want to get this post off topic anymore, but thanks everyone! never thought my story was that special, it was WAY harder to learn english than it was gymnastics. gym has prob. been one of the easier things in my life lol!

anyway about the sharing my story thing... when i was little (and made nationals for TOPS) i was featured in this Gallaudet (the deaf university in DC) publication and our local paper (i live in a town of 2,000 people). but as peppy as i am, i'm kinda shy about that stuff. my school yearbook has always bugged me for an interview about my Deafness but i only let them feature me as a freshman when i was on the gymnastics team about my having qualified for nationals the year before and stuff, then this year b/c i made varsity cheer captain. i wouldn't let them do it when they just wanted to write about me being Deaf. even when my head high school coach wouldn't work w/ me b/c she thought i should be competing for the special olympics, i didn't say anything, i just tried a lot harder.

im amazed some of you are sharing my story w/ your daughters! i'm kind of honored. never really thought of myself as a role model. but thanks!!

(oh and like someone said, my coach is an awesome guy. w/ each new skill i learned he promised to learn a new set of signs. worked out pretty well for both of us through the years ha ha).

basically i just want to let you guys know how much you rock. not to sound too cheesy but i think everyone here is inspiring in their own way, just b/c we're all involved w/ gymnastics! (i'm still a cheerleader at heart, i'm really peppy) :big hug:

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