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What is your gym doing to support Safe Sport?

Discussion in 'Other Gymnastics' started by skschlag, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. skschlag

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    Our gym has many rules along with Safe Sport. I think I have detailed them in multiple locations. No private 1:1 contact is the main thing. So last night, D was the only one there from 8:30-9. He was conditioning. I had to go to the bathroom, and that left him alone in the gym with his coach. Coach came over to the parent side while I was gone, back into the gym when I was back. No babysitting, no tutoring.
    No private texting, emails, social media between coach and gymnast.
    No travel alone with coach.

    This should probably have not been a 'part of gymnastics.' I think the sad part is that USAG was not on top of this already, having seen what other organizations have had to do. Predators LOVE secrecy and lax rules. As a scout mom for years, I have been following the 2 deep leadership rule since 2006. 11 years ago. I have been at 3 gyms, and all 3 had that rule. Why didn't USAG make it a requirement?

    Yes, but they have those rules already in place. USAG, the sponsor of this camp, had none of this in place, or if they did, it was in name only. My ds goes to camp in the middle of a city, on a campus, with strict rules in place. They do not need to be isolated, or keep parents out the way they do. I would challenge that even the commercial camps might look at changing some of their policies during this time. rather than wait to see what happens, they can lead the way.
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  2. rosiekat

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    One new thing I'm aware of is the change in communication to coaches if a boy will be late or out. It used to be that by L6, the boy was expected to contact the coach as a way of maturing and becoming responsible. Now they request texts or emails either from the parent, or that the parent be a 3rd party to the conversation. I believe phone calls are supposed to go to the front desk only. (I'm not 100% clear on all the details of the changes, as DS only just turned 9 and texting or email is NOT a part of his life yet!)
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