what level am i ???

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im irish and we dont use levels ...but out of curiositly id like to know what level i am at these are the skills i can do
kick up around the bar (sometimes but myself sometimes with support)
three casts (beats) back to stand OR
three casts fall forwards (roll off)OR
climb on holding on to some one a jump to high bar (sometimes- often depneds on the day or whatever)

swing leg over , v sit bring legs behind etc,,, (the usual mount)
tuck jumps, straight jumps, jump half turn, full turn( the ballet style you know -on one foot) half turn (ballet style) half pivot (two feet turn) arabesque forward roll but fall off most of the time, cartwheel but again fall off , mini handstand ( i do mean pretty mini like half way) round off -off the end (not perfect -dont reach full round off yet -scared of beam), cartwheel up ti hand stand and fall off (no twist) (still a lil shalky on that -dont really reach full handstand or cartwheel)

all regular easy jumps and turns front somersault, front handspring from two feet and step into , round off , with my coaches help (she lifted me through it) i did a bhs on our air track we got for the day , running handspring on air track and somersault (not landed)

squat on , all easy jumps off - front somersault off (not landed)
training front handspring on mats to prepare for vault horse

forward rolls backwards rolls side rolls teddybear rolls handstand , handstand roll round off rebound cartwheel one hand cartwheel splits (left leg and close to right and box)bridge, fall back to bridge and kickover with support, dive roll forward straddle backward straddle forward roll slidethrough to splits forward roll bunny hop (beginner version on an attempt at tuck to handstand)

so what level do y'all think im at ???

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
I would say on bars and vault somewhere around L2-L3, on beam closer to L5 and maybe around L4 on floor.


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Jan 4, 2008
I can tell you what level you would be in Australia, our levels are fairly similar to the USA, with the same level 1-10 system.

Bars level 1 - or level 2 if you can get your pullover consistent.

Beam - Level 2 or 3

Vault - Level 4

Floor - Level 3

So overall you would be around level 3 with a few more skills on bars.
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