What level should I be, if I would live in america?

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Feb 16, 2012
Hi there
I just have small question: what level should I be(if I would live in America) I live in the Netherlands and I do level 7 division 5 junior, but that's a different system then in America. My routines are:

VT: Handspring
UB: Kip(I think)hip circle, squat on, jump to the high bar, 3/4 giant, push off and then tuck somersault.
BB: Split on, 1/4 turn to left leg split. split leap with jump 1/2 turn. Cartwheel-roundoff, pirouette 1/1. turn 1/2 on toes, handstand and then summersault off
FX: roundoff-back handspring, switch leap, with another jump(don't know what it calls) backwalkover(or bridge) in to split. roundoff back somersault

If your a little bit confused, look at my mothers profile(which you find on my profile by friends)my mother has a video somewhere)

I think you would probably be a level 6 in the US. You've got mostly level 6 skills in your routines, along with a few level 7 skills.
You are pretty close to level 7. To do that, you need to have a clear hip circle on bars above horizontal, a full turn on beam and floor, a round-off back handspring back layout, and a front handspring front salto or front salto front handspring.
thank you for the answers, I was just wondering, well my bars is my weakest event, but beam and floor are my strongest events, and I'm working on roundoff-back handspring-tuck somersault and front handspring somersault, I already have a full turn on the beam(pirouette 1/1)
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