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Hi, so I am 12 and an xcel platinum. I wanted to know if I have enough skills for diamond next year. So far this year I got a 37 average all around, with mid to high 9s for each event. At states I got 2nd all around and made state B team. The skills I have are (competition ready unless otherwise said):

- Half on half off
- Half on full off
- Tucked tsuk (sloppy)

- Cast hand stand (low bar, to 45 above horizontal on high bar)
- Clear hip handstand
- Toe shoot
- Kip (to CHS)
- Tucked and laid out flyaways
- Giants (sloppy, not ready to compete)

- Round off
- RO backtuck dismount
- Full and 1.5 turn
- Split to tight 180˚
- Front tuck/pike dismount
- Front full dismount (sloppy)

- Front pike
- Front tuck front tuck
- FHS front tuck/pike
- RO back layout
- RO half
- RO full (sloppy)
- Switch leap to over 180˚
- Up to a double turn

Thanks for any help!
You're more than ready for diamond! I would compete the following routines based on your skill set:

Vault - Half on Full Off for 10.0 SV I believe

Bars - Kip, Cast handstand, clear hip hand, kip, toe shoot to HB, kip, cast handstand, tuck/layout flyaway

Beam - full turn, split leap to tuck jump 1/2 (for one of your B skills), CW to RO series, standing back tuck, front tuck or front pike dismount (whichever you can stick the easiest for minimal deductions)

Floor - RO + (whatever salto you can land cleanest), FHS + Front Tuck/Pike (again clean landings will score better in xcel), full 1/2 turn, switch leap + whatever simple jump (tuck is recommended)

Hope you do well in diamond!