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Jun 15, 2009
I am NOT a gymnast at this moment, but I do take tumbling and might switch to gymnastics. I am wondering what level I would be at. I am just curious and if any of you would know I would be very grateful for an answer.

Note: I can do some things on the bars and beam but I don't have much skill on those events.

I can do the following skills:
Back handspring
Round-off back handspring with spot
Front and back tuck on tumble track
ALL the basics (cartwheel, forward roll, round-off, etc.)
I am working on skills on the tumble track like layouts and things like that.

I know it probably won't be that high of a level, but I want to know so if I do change to gymnastics I won't be with a bunch a little kids.

On floor you would be a level 4, but obviously you would need the skills on the other apparatus too. Alternatively you could look into tumbling or tramp as you have skills for those already and they are a ton of fun
bogwoppit;77283 Alternatively you could look into tumbling or tramp as you have skills for those already and they are a ton of fun[/quote said:
I was thinking of doing trampoline, BUT the gym I go to doesn't have that...they only have tumbling, gymnastics, and high school cheerleading.
I was also thinking of doing recreational gymnastics. They don't compete and you don't have to try out, my mom and I are still thinking about it though.
I would give a rec class a try that way you can learn skills on bars, beam, and vault and then be more likely to get on a team. Most rec classes are broken into skill levels by age as well, so even if you have to start as a beginner, you will be with kids your same age who are also just starting out. Goodluck with it!
I will probably end up taking rec classes. I will probably be with a bunch of 5 year olds who didn't make the competitive gymnastics team.
chanwmr - I already take tumbling classes. Did you read the first post correct?
Our gym has rec classes by age - there are plenty of older girls in there, some just wanting to have fun with gymnastics, others wanting to learn some basics in order to try out for team. So I wouldn't sweat being with a bunch of little kids!!
I have to agree that your skills for floor would put you at L4 but you need to get the skills on the other equipment to make a team. There are plenty of rec classes in the gyms I know of that have older girls and then there is the Prep-Op option you might consider looking into. Either way you would have to be evaluated by the gym before you would be put on a Competitive team or Prep-op team.
I would also say level 4 on floor. Maybe you could ask a coach to give you an assessment of your skills and they could help determine where you might be on other events.
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