WAG What needs to be added... (L9 Beam Routine)

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Jun 14, 2019
What needs to be added to this beam routine to make it Level 9?
Straddle up handstand mount
full turn
Switch leap/Sissone
Side Aerial
BHS Back Tuck dismount

Thanks for feedback
I thought the series had to have a Salto but honestly I dont know. My kid was training 9 but had to repeat 8 due to injury so my level 9 knowledge is limited. Also wouldnt that have 3 BHS so the 3 one wouldnt count which would probably effect bonuses etc.? I also thought the dismount needed to be a full instead of tuck or layout? Once again just going by what the level 9s at our gym are doing.
This routine would start from a 9.3 and have 0.35 in up to level composition deduction. It is missing a B dismount and only has 0.1 in bonus. The series meets the requirement for level 9 but will always incur 0.15 in acro composition deduction no matter what else is in the routine. Adding a C dance skill will eliminate the 0.1 dance up to level deduction and can also be used to get the missing bonus. Adding a B dismount will cover the 0.5 special requirement and eliminate the 0.1 dismount composition deduction.

A routine based around listed skills might look like tihis(10SV, 0.15 in acro comp ded)
switch leap/straddle 1/4 C+C +2
side aerial D +1
BHS back full or half dismount

Ugrading the series to a BHS layout syep-out or BHS back tuck would eliminate the acro comp deduction.
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The third BHS technically doesn’t count, but there are enough other counting skills in the routine and it isn’t being used for bonus so ok.