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Mar 18, 2014
If I list what my daughter (xcel silver) is training on each event, would someone be willing to tell me what skills will likely be coming next? We've reached a point where I'm not real sure. We just switched gyms this summer and the old gym didn't have many girls in higher levels than Silver and JO5, so I haven't had many examples to observe.

Anyway, here are the skills she is working right now:

Vault: Well, vault is pretty easy to figure out. We'll skip it :)

Bars: Glide Kip, Sole Circle

Beam: Handstand, Cartwheel (Back Walkover on Floor Beam)


Sorry if I haven't given enough info to be able to answer my question. I feel like I'm leaving a lot out, but these are all of the major milestone skills that I can think of right now. Thanks so much!
You could just ask her coaches. I'm sure they'd fill you in on the skills to come;)
But if I had to say, for bars probably front and back hip circles, a mill circle, long hang kips, squat ons, tap swings, maybe some fly away drills with a coach.
For beam, definitely jumps, front walkover, dismounts and some turns.
For floor...maybe front tucks on tumble track/tramp, ro bhs bhs, maybe bhs tuck on tumble track.
well, i could ask the coaches, but i'd have to email them and for some reason that doesn't seem email worthy.
thanks for the info!
Since your DD is in Silver, I do not expect that they would bother with a Mill Circle...
Bars: Squat On, Long hang kip, Long Hang Pull Over, Fly Away, Clear Hip Circle, Higher casts.
Beam: Full Turn, Jumps, moving BWO up to big beam, Back Handspring, Front Tuck Dismount or Front Handspring Dismount.
Floor: RO2BHS, ROBT or ROBHSBT, FHS Stepout (eventually connected to RO or FHS), Front Tuck, Jumps, Full Turn
Vault: Handspring, 1/2 ON, 1/2 On-1/2 Off

Hope this helps :)
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