what skills do you want to learn

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Feb 5, 2012
What skills do you want to learn before the end of you gymnastics career

mine are:
aerial cartwheel
back handspring
back walkover
front tuck
well, I hope you learn many more things than just those you named. There are pages of skills in the CoP, for each of the 5+ disciplines of gymnastics, and each page has a lot of elements to learn.

I hope I can get my fhs ft on airtrack this year, aswell as my onodi and front aerial. oh and I'm really close to my round off bhs.
As for acro, I would like to get a good mex hstd.
I really need a hand full on vault. Other than that, I'd love to learn a new beam mount and move my BHS on beam up to the high/medium beam soonish. Also, I want to learn how to do a clear hip out of a pirouette on bars (since my pirouette finishes in handstand and my glide isn't good).
I've always wanted to do a front handspring double front tuck vault personally. although it seems crazy, i just learned a fhs tuck, so i guess one step closer there.

on bars front giants have always seemed appealing, but I think I would die of happiness if I learned a pak-shiposhnikova. again, i have the pak, so i guess the easy part is there, i just need the super crazy part!

for beam, i'd just love to learn some kind of no handed skill (not a jump, lol). hands are extremely overrated on beam, and they always get in my way

and on floor, i think a double layout is really cool.
I've actually just been putting together a list of skills to work on this summer and fall for my last year of gymnastics. They are:

vault - pike tsuk

bars - clearhip hand, 1/2 or 1/1 flyaway, straddle back, more consistent pirouettes

beam - roundoff, tuck 3/4 jump, full turn with leg at horizontal, some kind of B dismount (cw 1/2 or 1/1 or frontlayout)

floor - back 1/1 or 3/2, ro 1/2 fp, fhs flayout fp

I would also love to do some double back flyaways into the pit and some double backs on tumble track onto mats (I've done them into the pit before but have never put mats in)
My goal is to be P4 before I have stop gymnastics. I qant to learn thsese skills:
Flyaway full
Sole circle
Cast to handstand
Free hip to handstand

Back walkover back handspring back straight OR full dismount
Back walkover back handspring
Spilt jump back tuck or vice versa
Press handstand press through mount

Front handspring front tuck front layout
Roundoff back handspring back full
Roundoff whip back handspring back straight
Ring leap switch spilt
2 1/2 turn or triple
Double front

Handspring full
Handspring front
I want to have a Tsuk. On bars I want a giant. Floor, dunno. Beam BHS I guess. But I really would love to have a Tsuk and a giant before I am done. Thereagain, who says I have to be done for a LONG time?
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