Parents What sport did your gymnast do in HS if there isn't a gymnastics team?

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Honestly, from my perspective as someone that did rhythmic gymnastics which is similar to gymnastics, volleyball wouldn't be a bad idea. At least the high schools near me that I know of have volleyball. With the muscle groups used for gymnastics, I think volleyball could be a good choice. But, swimming is also a really good one that could be recommended.
I had to laugh at this post bc it sounds like my household. I have an older swimmer and a gymnast, and I told my gymnast she’s doing swim this summer - my way of leaning away from gymnastics but also improving her strength if she sticks with gymnastics. I’ve found that a lot of former gymnasts have been successful in swimming because of their strength and balance. I love swimming. Maybe just see if she takes to it…if a swimmer can be successful in fly they will be successful in swim. Good luck!
I would love for my daughter to participate in a school sport, but our HS doesn't have a gymnastics team. I was wondering what sports your kids did if they were in a similar situation. She is 11, Level 5 (started gymnastics at age 8). I know we are a couple of years a way, but many of our HS teams have cuts, so we would have to dabble in other things now for her to be able to make the team.

She has shown to be fairly ineffective at any sport requiring catching or throwing of balls :). I was thinking of swimming (which is what her older brother does), but am not sure if it would be too late for her at this point to start. I did have my son's swim coach give her a few private lessons to teach her the fly and breaststroke just so she could participate in summer swim team next year. She had no working knowledge of it before she started, and she could do a fully legal and fairly fast fly in 2 lessons (her brother is still struggling with it after 3 years of team practice). But she would still be behind most of the girls her age who swim year round. We also though about pole vault, but the only pole vault place near us moved to a location that is too far for us to logistically attend.

Would love to hear other recommendations (open to ball sports other than baseball, soccer, and basketball).
Fall- XC, field hockey, golf, and football cheer
Winter- we do have a gymnastics program, but some girls from our gym opt to do basketball cheer so that they can still compete for the gym because they can’t do both school and club gym.
Spring- lacrosse and track (lots of hurdles and pole vaulters)
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