For Parents What to do on vacation?

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Mar 1, 2007
We planned a Florida vacation long before we knew our daughter would be doing any competitions. She is only a level 4 so I know it's not a big deal to miss the gym for the next 12 days but it seems like the timing is really bad with her very first meet being in September. What do all of you do with your lil gymnasts while on vacation? We will be doing lots of walking & swimming already, is there anything you can suggest she do to stay strong? :)

I think it will be ok to miss, but I understand about the strength issue because of my sitch - especially since your little one has been working so hard all summer.... ok, so I know we are not at competition status, BUT, if we were I think A could do some stretching/strength with me helping. According to this is one thing parents can understand and should be allowed to do without worrying about "coaching" at home. I have also heard about another gymnast having a blast practicing her floor routines on the beach;) while on vacation - fun to show it off a little. You can also practice beam routines. Handstands on the BEACH? what a fantastic workout.... hope you guys have an awesome time!!!!
When we go on vacation my dd usually looks for the closest playground and does loads of monkey bars and pull up on the straight bars there. She loves the workout part of gymnastics. I don't let her do anything like tumbeling other than a kartwheel or two for saftey reasons. She also likes to do her streaching every morning when she gets up, She does that at home too. Swimming is also great. We go on vacation at least twice a year, and she always come back to the gym even stronger and more focused because she missed it so much. Good luck and have a great trip!:D:D
I have to be honest, I wouldn't have my dd do anything. When we vacation (Disney World), she gets plenty of walking and swimming. That's enough. Granted when we are away she does a lot walking on her hands and she tumbles here and there, but it's not structured by me saying oh go do this many sit ups or pull ups or such.

Honestly as long as she has 2 weeks from when she returns until when she competes she will be fine if not better (because her body has a little rest and she is raring to go). You'd have 1 week to work out the kinks and then another to get meet ready.

If our gym can close down the from 8/27 - 9/4, then I am pretty sure that she can survive a vacation without doing anything (structured or told to do). By the way they also close down the last week of June and they get right back into things when they get back into the gym.

It will be fine, you'll see! Let you dd have a relaxing vacation and she will step it up when she gets back in the gym.
Well, Blackie hope you have a nice time. I wouldn't push too much practice while on vacation although she may get "antsy" since her 1st competition season is coming up. She can stretch daily, do some handstands and if you are out on a beach, do her beam routine although the dismount wouldn't work well:) If she's really driving you nuts suggest she do the floor routine---dance only on the beach. You can all hum the music for her!!! I would be hesitant to have a child do any tumbling on a beach---sand can be slippery, plus trash and pieces of shells can be laying around.
It is good to have some time off. Although my daughter gets upset about missing any practice unless her whole team is off. When we took our vacation this summer, she found a gym in the area we were staying and they let her come in and workout with their team girls. She had a good time and she felt better about practicing one day and she also got to see how another gym trains. She is a 7 yr old level 5. Another one of her team mates did the same thing when they went on vacation.
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