What to do with rips?

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Jul 25, 2008
My dd was working on kips yesterday at open gym. She got a rip on one hand and then 2 bubble/blister things on the other hand as well as another one on the hand with the rip. Should we do anything with the bubbles such as pop them or just let them be?

Good news is that she did about 10 kips or so, the most she has ever done. :D Hopeully she will be still be able to do them when she goes to practice on Tuesday.
Mar 4, 2008
We have always popped them then gotten rid of the dead skin. Graphic sounding I know but the blisters are going to rip as soon as your DD has bars again anyway. To help treat rips we have used the age old Bag Balm treatment. It is available at any major pharmacy.
Be sure DD shows her coach next practice so she can get them wrapped if needed. Hot humid weather will really get the rips going. DD may have to chalk her hands with a bit more attention perhaps?;)
Feb 26, 2007
Congrats on those kips, those blisters are worth it!

Here is a collection of threads on rips in case you are bored!!! The Chalk Bucket - Threads Tagged with rips

But it seems the latest advice is.....Wash the hands well..... do not pop the blister, it is there to cushion the skin underneath whilst healing begins. Once the blister pops, do not remove the skin flap, it is also there to protect the new skin. Apply polysporin and a band aid. Cold tea bags are soothing in between times.

DO not ever use a nail clipper to trim the skin, the bacteria on those things are unbelievable and the last thing a gymmie needs is an infection.

Try to keep her hands cool during rotations, hot hands burn so much faster. We really like hand-e-balm, which is very similar to bag balm, my girls often put this on and then put socks on top for sleeping.

Her hands will toughen up for sure, but rips are part of the gym game. Hands can be taped at the gym for training.
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