What to eat before a meet?

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Proud Parent
Dec 6, 2008
Small Town, USA
DD has a meet at noon tomorrow. What should she eat?? Carbs tonight? What about tomorrow?? She loves eggs, so I was thinking that for a couple hours before (since that's when we need to leave), but I can't remember what she'll need and when (carbs/protein).

Mar 20, 2008
Northern California
Generally, anything that doesn't upset your stomach is fine for a pre-meet meal. For example, orange juice or any other acidic juice can be bad for some people. As strenuous as gymnastics can be, it doesn't really require carb-loading, which only works a few times a year anyway.

I would suggest a favorite breakfast to put dd in a positive mood, so eggs would seem to work for you. Fruit is also a natural pick me up. You might also want to tuck a banana. some seedless grapes and/or an energy bar in the gear bag for between-event snacking. And don't forget the water!
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