What to eat before\during meet?

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Okay, so I have a meet coming up and I have no idea what to eat before then. In the mornings, I'm never hungry, so I need ideas on what to eat before a meet. Also, some ideas on what to bring during the meet would be helpful too.
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It depends on what time of the day your meet is... my kids are pretty picky before a meet, and want to keep it light. If in doubt we do a little low fat chocolate milk and a hard boiled egg and maybe an orange or other fruit if its a morning meet - they don't want greasy but I want them to have protein and carbs. They bring a water and a protein bar or granola bar in their bags and some grapes and other snacks for awards, usually.

Good luck!
Our standard morning of meet breakfast is scrambled eggs, some kind of bread (biscuit, toast etc) and some form of fruit. Pineapple has been my DD's favorite lately. DD is not a big breakfast eater as well so it can be struggle at times to get her to eat.
We always let Dd choose- scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast and orange juice:) is her regular brekky:)

Once the adrenalin kicks in she feels ill if she eats so I try to keep everything very low key until some semblance of a normal breakfast has gone down.....

Then I pack a few snacks which basically she ignores but at least I feel like a good Mum!!
For a morning meet. Dd likes things like oatmeal or hard boiled egg, plus fruit. Ds prefers a smoothie (lots of fruit plus yogurt) and toast, english muffin or dry cheerios.

For during, we do things that easy to eat quickly and gets fast carbs in them: crackers (esp. prferred are small graham crackers), fruit snacks, squeeze applesauce etc. Sometimes they will take chopped apples too.
We are a ketogenic family (it's a little different, but it works for us), so I usually make DD eggs and chocolate almond milk. I'll also give her veggies and dip if she wants something more but she's not usually much of an eater in the morning. If it's a later meet then she usually wants a small cheeseburger with steamed veggies. Smoothies are a big deal for her, she adores them. Snacks to pack are cheese and turkey sausage sticks (I think yuck but she likes them), homemade "granola", and I'll usually throw in a sugar free candy for a special treat also. :)
I will normally eat a slice of bread with whatever occures to me in the morning, try not to throw it up inmediately and pack water, an apple and some granola to eat after beam. ;)
I will also take something WITH sugar (and I do the same when my girls are competing as well as in training) just in case my body decides during warm up that the slice of bread wasn't enough to survive the competition.
Thanks :)

I will probably just eat some eggs with some yogurt (separately of course). And maybe bring some fruit snacks, I don't know right now.
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I'm never hungry before meets, so my mom makes kale chips which I can stomach and gives me tons of energy. You just lay bits of kale on a cookie sheet, drizzle on some oil, add garlic powder and salt, bake it at 350 for about 7-10 mins and it's done! I also eat a bit of fruit and eat about an hour before the meet because you'll want time to digest. Once my friend ate a hotdog literally right before we started and she had lower energy than usual
I usually eat something on the way because all of our meets are usually a ways away. (We have one Saturday morning at 8:00 AM, bleh!) usually a small fruit cup and maybe some chick minis at Chickfila or something even lighter. Never chocolate milk for me... I am lactose sensitive... That won't end up well, especially if I start on beam ;) oh and I never eat during my meets. I'm just not hungry when I'm nervous. But a girl on my team brings a WHOLE bunch of Pringles, cheezits, pretzels, you name it, she brought it. I don't know how she does it! But if you're super hungry, pack some crackers or a protein bar for during. Every person is different. Oh and one more tip, if you're the type of person to be really nervous, ask your coach if you can pull out your iPhone and listen to some pump up music. (Hall of Fame, The Fighter, Girl on Fire.) it helps me a lot. Just breathe and do your best!
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