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Hello everyone,

I have been browsing through the forums and reading for a few hours now. Having a very difficult time with all of the terminology and such (what is a DD?)

I have a 4 yr old who is in gymnastics, once a week. I have loved to watch gymnastics since I saw the Magnificent Seven win the gold in 96. Dominique and Kerri brought, and still bring, tears to my eyes. It is just amazing what such young women can do, and to think they practice for years and years and get just one shot at it.

My little bundle of joy is already, at 4 yrs old, nearly as big as Shawn Johnson :) So I doubt we will ever go to the Olympics, but she just loves to "do tricks".

At any rate, hello!


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Feb 26, 2007
HEy there,

Nice to have you on the Chalkbucket.

DD is dear daughter, there are lots of other terms, but you'll catch up real quick.
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