What type of gym bag is better?

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Nov 17, 2009
region 8
I am ordering gym bags for the team and I am wondering what type of bag is better- sling, duffle, or back pack? Size? Also, should I get the lower levels different bags or would I be inviting trouble? What about getting their names on them? good or bad idea?
I personally like backpacks better but my gym gives us the choice on what we order. I hate how the duffle hit your leg as you walk especially if its filled with weights and what not, although it does tend to fit more. We also have the choice to put our names on them and most girls do because when everyone has similar bags it's easy to get them mixed up.
we have rather large bags (I could us it for a 3-4 day trip if I wanted haha) and they are kind of D shaped (flat side on the ground) and two pockets on either side I guess it would be a kind of duffle. On the top of the bag there is our club name, a girl doing a leap or a boy doing something on pommel for the boys and our name - all stitched in. Its great really big fits all hair stuff, tracksuit while competing plus some snacks and other bits and bobs and often 2 batches of brownies and of course grips. I think definitely get names on bags as at a comp/meet you can imagine that trying to find your bag in a set of identical bags would be a challenge.
I like duffle bags! I would get all the levels the same bag since they're cheaper in large quantities. Just get the gym name, logo and maybe kid's name embroidered on it :)
ours are a sort of rectangular duffle. I like them, they're pretty cool but you definitely need the name on it! half the time I end up going through someone else's bag because the name is pretty small on ours. also I think all levels should have the same bag, you don't want them to have to buy a new bag when they move up. or they might like the lower level bag better and not want to switch.
I like my team's duffel bags. Definitely get the option of putting a name on it! If you want to have more than one type of bag, I wouldn't give the lower levels a different bag, but maybe give everyone the option between two bags.

And with the duffel, I can take it on trips, because it is large enough to hold clothes for a weekend. (However there is such a thing as TOO large a gym bag)
NAME NAME NAMES!!! They will get mixed up at meets if there aren't any names!
Anyway, I prefer duffle, and if it's for high-level girls, go for a bigger size, because they tend to need more things. In general, gymnasts need a lot for long meets.
Ugh I HATE duffle bags. When they get full they are hard to carry and hard to organize. Sling bags are ok... Backpacks are really comfortable to carry. My team has their name on their and I like it! So you know which one is yours at meets. I say everyone should have the same bag.
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