What would you score this routine?

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Aug 2, 2008
east coast
I had an 8.5. Its a good routine, and I had hardly any major deductions until the leap (small split & bent back leg) and the full turn (very bent leg, not finishing on releve) and the tumbling (feet apart, legs bent, direction problems). I can see once she competes it more she will be able to get those little things straightened out. I also took for not hoding the handstand before the bridge.

I'm assuming you asked this b/c you were unhappy with the score?


8.8 ish. Just abit untidy towards end. Can't believe she is only 6. Terrific Handstand roll and composure. I would be thrilled to see my daughter do such a lovely routine.


Jul 5, 2007
I'm from your state and I'd expect them to be somewhere between 8.5 and 9, it's very clean but it really depends on the meet and how much they hit the angles. Sometimes our scoring can be fairly high and then you go to MD - scoring is generally significantly lower. From the taping angle above it's a little hard to see exactly what they're seeing on the leaps but she probably got hit on both the split jump and the leap. Also, feet not turned out when "finishing" or holding the lunges - she kind of goes into the next skill very quickly. I believe recently judges have specifically addressed this issue. They want to see a slight turn out in lunges. It's not a huge deduction but could be a slightly hidden deduction in some basically clean routines. After a little googling I found this copy of a newsletter (just chose the first state that came up) which addresses a lot of the compulsory routines and the "small" details around page 8-10: http://www.alanawgj.org/newsletters/vol_9/v9-i1.pdf

Scoring is also usually more generous towards the end of season. We're still pretty early and the scores tend to be lower (for various reasons, including gymnast improvement, but the score "trend" is also just higher towards the end).
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