OT What's in your gym bag?

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My gym bag is a mess!!
haha okay...i have 2 leotards, 2 pairs of shorts, deodorant, food, tape, ponytail holders, hair clips, lotion, trash :), tuff skin, extra wristbands, nail clippers, hairspray, my clothes from school after i change for gym, necklaces, earrings, dog-shaped wallet (with no money in it!) and sometimes grips...i usually leave them at the gym, i only have those home around meets.
haha thats all :)
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aha wow you actually have a LOT of stuff gym4life915!

and this made me laugh for some reason lol. I don't even know why.

Hahahahaha it never hurts to be prepared now does it? Whenever we are at a meet and somebody needs something really random they always ask me first :D
my training session is straight after a coaching session, so I have all my coaching stuff - notebook, folder, session plans etc. Grip bag - including wrist bands, spray, chalk and handguards. Hair ties (enough for eveyone!), hair spray, hair brush and comb, glitter spray (not for me, but my gymnasts love it!) Food, 2 drinks, leggings and vest, deodorant. mobile phone, purse, inhaler, pain killers! I think that's about it!
A lot of things!
3 leos, a pair of shorts , hair bands , grips, a bottle of water, tape, turning shoes (for the rhythmic train I use the same bag), 2 T-shirts, a note-book, a pen, 2 deodorants (one empty), ponytail holders, the rhythmic gymnastics apparatus (ball,rope, ribbon and the other thing that I don't know how it's called in English. The hoop I left at the gym), pre-warps...
well i have:
*3 leos
*2 pairs of shorts
*2 competition briefs
*sports bra
*homework ( usually like 3 ginormous books)
*hand sanitizer
*ribbon box
*two packages of hair ties (15ish? i use about 7 for my hair at one time)
*teeny-tiny hair ties for like cornrows and intricate braids lol
*clips,clips, and more clips
*a flip fest camp brochure
*hair spray
*empty bottles of water? should probably take those to recycling
*ankle brace
*golden hands wrist guards
*things a girl needs lol

wow i never realized i had that much stuff. :0 though a lot of it is mini stuff that goes into a tiny bag inside of the gym bag
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A lot of things!
3 leos, a pair of shorts , hair bands , grips, a bottle of water, tape, turning shoes (for the rhythmic train I use the same bag), 2 T-shirts, a note-book, a pen, 2 deodorants (one empty), ponytail holders, the rhythmic gymnastics apparatus (ball,rope, ribbon and the other thing that I don't know how it's called in English. The hoop I left at the gym), pre-warps...
clubs? im not in rhythmic so im guessing :)

I have to catch a bus to gym, and since the trip is about one hour long (and I a love reading and writing storys), I have in my bag, (wait for it....) the swan kingdom by zoe marriott, nicholas nickleby by charles dickens, my mp3 player, 2 large notebooks, 3 small notebooks, my leo and shorts, hairbrush and bobbles, pencil case, deodrent, floor music and grip bag!!!!:p oh and painkillers, inhaler and lip balm!!!

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Gym bag doubles as dance bag for three days a week:
6 pairs of dance shoes, two pairs of socks, three leos, two pairs of shorts, braces for wrist, knee, ankle, elbow, instant cold packs, pink prewrap, tape, bandaids, ace bandages, tylenol, allergy medicine, EpiPen (since I'm allergic to everything), a hat, 6 or 8 wristbands, ankle weights (I should take those out, they weigh a TON!), and random hair accessories.

Bascially, I'm walking dance/gym store and hospital.
cool so you live in Japan thats cool my friend lives there too!!!
well i have handsanitizer, extra pad(just in case), Mad Libs, pens,lotion,asthma inhaler,first aid kit,cell phone,hair ties,water bottle, grip bag, grips,wristbands, gum,food,
brush,hairspray,scrunchy,nail clippers,annnnnnd flip flops! wow thats alot!!!
Knee brace, water, spandex, cell phone, money, snack, floor music and grips (and in my grip bag i have 2 roles of tape, 2 things of pre-wrap, extra grips, grips, 3 sets of wristbands a chalk ball and multiple other random things).
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I have my grip bag(grips and tape inside it) Sneakers and socks, extra hair stuff,skittles and icebreakers(yummy) water, knee brace, ankle brace, and wrist brace...lets see... and 2 copies of my floor music!
So, as a coach, I have:
Notebook, session plans, Course log book, and 2 text books (as I 'm currently getting my l2 qualification), 5 pens, 3 pencils, White board marker, spare hair ties and grips, hair brush, deoderant, things a girl needs, hand moisturizer, hand cleaning gel, 2 pairs of white socks, purse, book for the bus, 2 water bottles.

Our gymnasts are required to have:
2 pairs of grips, 2 pairs of gloves and loops, tape, and required supports or shoes, notebook and pen, drink and snack, water, chalk, spare hair ties and grips.

It looks a lot written down, plus near competition time both I and the gymnast will have a spare copy of floor music.
Ok, so I generally have tape, moisturizer, hair brush, clips, scrunchies, hair bands, grip bag w/ extra grips (my regular grips stay in my locker at the gym), snack, waterbottle, deoderant, and other misc. object
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Hey here is my answer lol :
A book, shorts, sweat shirt, sweat pants,shoes, hair clips, candy (DON'T SAY ANYTHING), and alot of other stuff i probably don't know of :D:bars:
My gym bag has:

1 leo
1 pair of shorts
ankle brace
knee brace
3 water botles-1 open 2 un-open
2+ wristbands
hand sanatizer
pre wrap
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Well, being a rhythmic gymnast I have two gym bags that I keep everything in, one that stays at gym and one that I bring home every night.

I have, my ball, rope, clubs, 1 theroband, one theroband with a hole in it, a pair of weights sewn back together because they got a hole in them, vicks vapodrops, godd luck cards from the last 2 nationals, 5 pairs of toeshoes, strapping tape, 3 ribbons, 1 ribbon roller, 2 ribbon sticks, my book, a display folder with the code in it, hundreds i mean HUNDREDS of ribbons (because i take them out of my hair after school and never remember to take them out of my bag again, pencil case, straws???, and a packet of bandaids, oh and my ipod, and the hoop i leave at gym

Yeah, i guess you could say I'm prepared :)
Weeell, at the moment my gym bag is not permament, but here are things that will end up in there when I get my new one:
Deoderant, shorts, wristbands, grips, water, vitaminwater (twins! aimee and i :p), lots of hair elastics, hair clips, bobby pins, fruit, hand sanitizer, tracksuit, chapstick, tape and pre wrap/pro wrap, a chunk of chalk (hee hee), possibly a leo, a pack of gum, and Polysporin. Probably more.
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I was just looking in my bag when this topic came to the top, so I figure it's a sign to participate.

I have a binder that I hardly ever use with routine info, and random facts I jot down, some cd's, and 2 fine point sharpies.

2 travel size lotions. I wash my hands a lot at the gym, they feel like paper if I forget lotion. The smell is something the girls have decided to play a guessing game with. They confuse vanilla with lavender pretty often!

One or 2 danactive yogurts. I can drink them fast and they keep me from feeling starving. Sometimes an Odwalla fruit drink.

My phone, wallet, keys of course. I leave my phone in the staff room when I put the yogurts in the fridge.

A bottle of water or 2 that I keep with me

burts bees lip balm


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