Coaches What's in your meet bag?

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I've got a group of new competitive kids this year.

What do you take on the floor with you, as a coach, at a meet? What do you consider your athletes' responsibility?

I've already told them they need water, and already know that even though they're supposed to have their hair back, I'm probably going to have to be ready to be hair doctor. At their level I probably WON'T need tape but am throwing some in just in case.

Also, anything you've found you absolutely needed to ban? I don't think my girls have cell phones, but anything less obvious?
What I have used or could have used...
For small children I like to carry one bag with all there stuff in together, makes it a bit easier to herd them along to the next apparatus.

- I think a comb, hair ties, and clips!!! Also gel/spray are important.
- I have kept a palm guard and wrist band for last minute rips.
- Spare leotard (team or not) just incase someone makes a mess on the car trip or a hole gets ripped in it. The parent should probably be responsible for this.
- Snacks, plus drink bottle in named water tight plastic bag.
- Perhaps you could pack a little treat to give to them at the end before prize giving.
- Perhaps ban ipods if you have any anti social children.
- Let them know what snacks are acceptable. Obviously they need to be beneficial to performance (plenty of posts here about that) and also food that won't make a mess.
- Camera incase you have time for a candid group shot
- A copy of everyone's floor music if applicable
- Pen and paper for you to make any notes if you have the time.
- A score card for each gymnast to track there progress at each competition they go to.

Snacks and drink would be the most important thing for them to bring in my eyes. There is a big difference in behavior and performance when snacks are not allowed. It is not much fun looking after 5 year olds who haven't eaten in the three hours.

For yourself pack some snacks and a drink. Something to combat the effect of all that chalky air on your skin.

I don't have much in my bag, but I do have a clipboard that we copy all their scores onto after the meet, calculator to add up the AA scores on their cards for them, pen to write AA score on their cards, bandaids, gum (although some gyms don't allow it), chapstick, hairspray and extra hairbands.

We do not allow our girls to bring any type of electronics or valuables, no ipods, ds, cameras, phones, etc. They bring a snack, water bottle, stuffed animals or good luck charms, and mostly use thier bags to haul around their shoes and warm-up suits.
My DD keeps a bottle of water, a granola or breakfast bar, extra pony tail holders, extra clips and a stuffed animal.

I usually have a backpack with more clips & holders, hair gel, glitter spray, nail polish remover & cotton, hairbrush
I agree with nevertooold on the valuables front. Mainly because I don't want them to lose anything out there! For youngsters they really shouldn't need anything other than whatever they normally keep in their grip bag - grips, wristbands, spray, chalk. A drink and snack and spare hair ties. Also an inhaler if they are asthmatic/any other medication they might need. Oh and of course we have a team mascot so the captain gets to take that with them!

As a coach I take -
A pen and spare paper. My mobile phone which also serves as a calculator. A drink and a snack (Even I get hungry out there!) A copy of the programme so I know running orders and so I can write scores on it.

Then for the gymnasts:
Hairspray, gel, extra hair ties and clips (my gymnasts are only young and haven't competed much so some of their parents don't even think to bring extras!) Oh, and of course glitter spray!!

Thats really all I take I don't like to be lumbered down with stuff and I am useless at remembering where I have left things too!
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As a coach I also bring maxi pads and tampons, I have a few 12 yr olds and older so you can never be too prepared for them with that kind of situation.
coachjen, good point. I do not have a stash for just in case for the girls but I am adding that to my meet bag this year!
Oh my goodness. If my girls started menstruating at a meet I'd have to cry. They're so...young!
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