Whats in your meet bag?

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Hey guys, I was wondering what is in YOUR meet bag! I have a meet this weekend :p Although I have a fractured finger and a sprained ankle and a sprained ligament in my foot, I'm still going strong.
Heres what is in my gym bag for comps:
  • Healthy snacks (granola bar, dried fruit, etc,)
  • Empty water bottle (to fill up if needed!)
  • 2 or 3 full waters
  • a set of clothes in case a trip to the E.R. or something is needed ;)
  • Calculator (For scores)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tape/pre wrap (although our gym provides it as well)
  • 2 pairs of palm guards
  • 2 pairs of pre-broken in dowel grips
  • 3 or 4 pairs of wristbands
  • Contact solution/case/contacts/glasses
  • Nail polish remover
  • Black spandex
  • Practice leo (in my teams colors, though not a team leo)
  • Hairspray, hair ties, bobby pins, headbands, bun nets, bun maker, and scrunchie
  • A medal from the gym my old coach is now at, for good luck from her!
  • Over the counter meds (advil, aleeve, tylonel, etc.)
  • I also keep my goals in there
  • I have a chart of quotes that I leave for some inspiration :cool::p
I guess I have a lot of stuff :D
What is in yours?
  • tape, pre-wrap & scissors
  • chalk
  • water
  • this dance warmup & a hoodie (the gym I've just left didn't have proper warmups so I picked the warmest option)
  • grips & sweatbands
  • shorts
  • snacks (always blood-sugar-spiking, I have a minor health issue so my grip bag contains secret stash of sweets!)
  • vault shoes
  • white socks, several pairs
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • mirror
  • hairspray
  • spare CD of floor music
  • phone (with music) & earphones
  • ipod arm sleeve
  • gloves
  • these socks
I used to take my heel cups but I haven't done a lot of beam lately so I risked going without this time. I may start taking them again though, since I'm upgrading and these old dancer ankles just divert all the strain upwards to avoid dealing with it and my shins hurt too much!
I bring:
My grips
2 water bottles
A light snack
My makeup bag
An extra scrunchie, hair ties, bobby pins and hairspray
A pencil case filled with other cosmetic things like extra contacts, feminine products, ect.
An then a little case that has scissors and tweezers and toe nail clippers
Prewrap and tape
My warm ups
I bring:
A large water bottle
Grip bag (I keep 2 pairs of grips & 2 pairs of wristbands in there)
Tiger Paws
My floor music (2-3 copies just in case)
Extra clothes
A bag with scrunchies, bobby pins, hair spray etc
A good luck coin that I've had since before my first meet
My warmups
Extra makeup
My phone
Elbow brace & an ace wrap
Instant cooling ice pack
& Biofreeze
Hmm since I'm an adult that still competes but also coach I find most of the things I keep in my bag are not for me. I keep extra socks, extra tape and prewrap, bandaids, hair ties, gel, brush, my own shoes and ankle braces, some water, maybe a snack, ib profin, usually some $ for food if the meet runs long, and my phone on silcent of course. Thats really about it.
I don't have a lot I keep it all in my backpack that my whole gym has

Pre wrap
Grip bag
Bobby pins
Hair clips
Hair ties
Team scrunchy
Team Leo
Team sweats
Extra practice Leo's
Water bottle
Extra clothes
Necklace from my grandma
I think that's it
Snacks, extra music, extra hair stuff, water, ibuprofen, Aleve, Gravol, extra gym suit, wristbands, tape, extra knee brace (because inevitably if I don't bring the extra, the one I'm wearing will malfunction), beam shoes, KT tape, and grips.
more tape
even more tape
extra contact lenses
lucky lip balm (lol I'm weird)
practice team leo (tank)
team warmup
extra lululemon leggings
compact mirror
granola bar
water bottle
flip flops
cell phone
My meet bag:
Warmup jacket and pants (if I'm not wearing them)
Tshirt for afterwards
Grips, wristbands and tape
Small snacks
Pen for writing on scorecard/placings
CD with extra copy of floor music just in case the one my coach has doesn't work
Water bottle
Hair gel, hairspray, hairbrush
LOTS of bobby pins and hairties
Phone with music and earbuds
Sometimes money
That's probably it
I'm actually in the process of putting together a "Meet Survival Kit" for one of my new teammates for our Christmas exchange. I bought her:
a roll of athletic tape
nail polish remover
a small packet of tissues
nail clippers and emery boards

and I'm making her a little notebook to record all of her scores.

I'm also giving her a drawstring bag from a meet I attended in the past to keep it in. I hope she likes it.
  • grips
  • water (usually 2 bottles)
  • tape and prewrap
  • ankle brace just in case
  • hair kit (bobby pins, ties, hairspray, extra scrunchies)
  • bandaids and antibiotic cream
  • lip balm
  • mini flossers
  • pen
  • compact mirror/brush
  • good luck charms
  • nail polish remover and cotton balls
  • phone
  • warm ups
  • money (for emergencies)
  • ice packs
  • socks
  • sanitizer
thats it! fyi my HC doesnt allow us to bring snacks!o_O
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