What's one skill that you hate the most and can't get no matter what?

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I hate hate hate hate kips I never can get them I always push away from the bar if I'm not doing that then I can't pull my self up to the bar! Is there any way that I could do them easily or train to do them well at home?


I went through the same thing when I was learning my kip. You just need to do it a million more times with and without a spot and at some point it'll click.
Oct 28, 2009
ask me! :)
i struggle with my cast handstands ( lean too much over the bar blah ). everyone has a skill they struggle with! its okay but indeed frustrating. when i first started learning kips i did alot of shoulder strugs every night on something i could hang on ( i had a chin up bar) and also did jump and get to front support w/ straight arms ( i'm not a coach but that may seem to be a good drill to do for your situation?) on the bar along with repeated reps of leg lifts and ab stuff! you'll get it, don't worry!
Mar 22, 2012
I am a beginner and I am really struggling with front handspring and front tuck. I can land them when I am using a springboard (barely) but when I move to the floor they are a nightmare. For front tuck I cannot seem to jump high enough whatever I do, I always lean forward :-(...for front handspring I cannot keep the right shape and my back leg is always too slow...guess I have no choice but keep practicing...I need a miracle :)
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