For Parents What's your favorite part of being a Gym Mom?

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I love being a gym mom. Taking the kids to the gym, coming back, cramming in homework while eating dinner. I love the craziness of getting ready and doing hair. See them march in on the floor. Tell me, what is your favorite part of being a gym mom?


I love it all! I've always liked gymnastics but there is something absolutely wonderful about watching the "process." I love to watch my DD at practice. I love to see how hard she works. I love to see her little face absolutely light up when she gets a new skill or does well with something and gets applause from her coach. I'm so proud to watch her march out in her competition attire at the meets and I'm so proud to know that's MY GIRL out there. It brings tears to my eyes. She's already a champion to me.


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Feb 10, 2007
My girls do not compete yet but what I love most is the fun they are having
each day they go I love seeing there faces light up when they get a new skill
and the confidence they get from being there each day. I also love how they feel safe with the coaches theyhave.

The thing I love most is seeing how HAPPY my girls are in the gym


I love the confidence it has given my dd.
I love the work ethic it has given her at such a young age - knowing this young that the only way to succeed is through hard work is priceless.
I love how she has learned to win and lose graciously.
I love that even though one of her teammates may be the same level and in the same age division she cheers them on and truly wishes the best for them because she has learned to value friendship above winning.
And last, but not least, I am glad she has found an outlet for her boundless energy otherwise she would be driving us all crazy :p
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
I love it all:)
Going to meets, watching meets, watching practice, watching new skills, the other parents, the team spirit of our new gym, the competition, the excitement of the sport:) I love watching all the other girls too while they get better and gain skills and seeing their parents happy as well:)
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